How to use the Bing chatbot in Google Chrome?

It’s been just over a month since Microsoft will present the new Bing and Edge with Prometheus, the generative artificial intelligence model that has become the sensation of the moment, and around four weeks since the first invitations began to be sent. to be able to test it. A month that has translated into particularly positive numbers for those from Redmond, who in this period and thanks to the interest aroused by the chatbot have seen the number of Bing users rise like foam.

At the time of the announcement, Microsoft confirmed that the new Bing would reach all browsers… later, which in the first instance would be exclusive to Microsoft Edge, as this is an asset with which Microsoft wants to see both the numbers of its search engine and its web browser grow. Thus, those who in their daily lives prefer to use another browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, necessarily have to also use Microsoft Edge when they want to use the Bing chatbot.

There is an alternative, like the one we told you about a few days ago and that allows you to connect ChatGPT to the Internet, so that the OpenAI chatbot is able to display current information and indicate the sources, which are two of Bing’s main virtues compared to to ChatGPT. Experience is not, in my opinion, as comfortable and fast as the Microsoft chatbotbut it does substantially improve the quality of ChatGPT responses.

How to use the Bing chatbot in Google Chrome?

So, if we want to use the new Bing in Google Chrome we will have to wait for Microsoft to enable it… or maybe not? Well, the truth is that no, since we can already find an extension (unofficial, of course), called Bing Chat for All Browsers and that, as its name indicates, It will allow us to access the Bing chatbot from any browser. And as we can see on its web page on GitHub, it is already available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Keep in mind, however, that to use the chatbot it is essential that you have a Microsoft user account that already has access to the new Bing.

Go to the web page of the extension in the Chrome Web Store, click on Install, wait a few seconds until the confirmation that the process has finished successfully. Then open Bing in Google Chrome, log in with your Microsoft account (the one that already has access to the chatbot) and, as you can see at that very moment, You can now use it as if you were using the Microsoft browser. It couldn’t be easier, right?

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