How to use the iPhone camera from the Apple Watch

Surely many of you already know the function that we have available in the Apple Watch and that allows us to activate the iPhone camera remotely. This option is for take photos without touching the iPhone, that is, leaving the phone placed anywhere, tripod or support.

The best thing about this function is that it works really well and it is not necessary for someone to take a photo of us when we want to go out in a specific landscape or we have distant access to the iPhone itself, this is a veteran watchOS feature But that can really come in handy in many situations and more so now in summer that we usually take more photos with friends, family and others in a group.

In addition, Apple released a video a few days ago in which it shows the function and which is available on the Apple support channel. Here is how it works and activation of the iPhone camera from the watch remote form:

Also when you can see in the video the user can choose between various functions available by pressing on the three dots. These options allow us to switch between the front camera to the rear, add the automatic Flash, activated or totally deactivated, switch between the automatic Live Photos format, activated or deactivated, and the HDR quality activated or deactivated.

The best of all is that this function automatically adds the three-second timer and also takes 10 captures so you can choose the one you like the most or that has been the best. Then you can also see the image directly from the Apple Watch and repeat in case it does not come out as desired. All without touching the site’s iPhone in which it is placed.

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