How to use the new Discord voice channels on your Xbox Series X/S

Smartphones and mobile connectivity have brought us an extraordinarily dynamic landscape in which social networks and applications to communicate in real time with anyone on the planet are happening at an incessant rate. And the last of those successes, which has been installed above all within the universe gamer is Discord, one of the most important nerve centers of activity that we can find right now.

Don’t stop talking on Discord

Discord, for those of you who are still not very clear about what it is, is an extraordinarily effective communication system capable of bringing together entire communities around private or public servers that can be developed in three different ways: either through text and image chats ; with video rooms where we can hold conferences with any of the other members that belong to that same channel; or only of audio, talking and listening to what others say while we play a game a GTA Onlinea rainbowsixsiege, a Fall Guysetc.

Thus, both Microsoft and Discord have announced a few hours ago that Xbox Series X | S can finally create sound channels (or voice, which is what they are really called) to connect more easily with our friends. It is true that through the console itself it is also possible to maintain similar communications, but doing it within the servers that we already use with the mobile or the computer is tremendously faster to activate.

Remember that until now, many Xbox Series X | S players resorted to a mixed system of communications: while they were in the game on the console they spoke connected to the Discord voice chat but with their mobiles, so now that step is saved and they can now access all these functions without problems from the application they have in the American Microsoft Store.

Discord on Xbox.

How can we install Discord?

To access this new functionality, the steps you must follow are extraordinarily simple, the same as for installing any other application that you have previously downloaded on your Xbox such as Twitch, YouTube, Disney+, etc. Are these:

  • Turn on the console and go to the Microsoft store.
  • In section Applications search Discord.
  • It is sure that it will appear among the highlighted ones, but if it is not like that, do not worry: click on the magnifying glass to do a search.
  • When you have on screen the page of Discordyou just have to tell it to install it.
  • Log in using the username and password combination or by scanning a QR code from the mobile app.
  • You already have Discord active with your usual user.

Once everything is installed, you just have to go to the channel where you want to talk to your friends or with your fellow players, to start a conversation that you can even continue later on your smartphone once you finish playing.

With this Xbox app you can make individual or group calls, control server privileges that we are using, the volume levels so that they do not stick with those of the game, etc. Even if we prefer at some point to stop using Discord to return to an Xbox chat, it will also be possible to do so without too much trouble.

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