How to watch Netflix movies and series if you unsubscribe

Any IPTV playlist can be loaded on the TV, but for this, it is absolutely necessary to install KODI on our TV or on our TV Box. In order to use the KODI software with IPTV lists, we will have to install an “Add-on” called “PVR IPTV Simple Client” or any other add-on with similar characteristics. In this KODI add-on, you will have to upload the list that you have downloaded, and then start playing the different channels to check that they are displayed correctly.

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to play it on our TV is to use a program like KODI, install the corresponding add-on and load the IPTV lists.

Mobile and tablet applications

If you want to see all the content through your smartphone or tablet connected to the TV, you will also be able to do so. In this case, you will have to install one or more Android applications that will allow us to play the IPTV lists that we have previously downloaded.

The process is similar to the previous one, we download the IPTV list and, using a program to play these IPTV lists, load the list and start playing it over the Internet.

P2P programs like eMule or BitTorrent

With the popularization of Netflix and account sharing, most people have put aside well-known P2P programs like eMule and also any program that uses the BitTorrent network for file sharing. With the ban on sharing accounts with family and friends, the cost of Netflix is ​​too high to be worth it, and many users are going back to their roots by using P2P sharing programs.

Downloads with eMule

eMule was one of the first P2P file sharing programs to appear, it was widely used in the 2000s, but with the passage of time other faster alternatives appeared. This program makes use of a client-server architecture, therefore, we have to open ports on our router so that the ID is high and that the different clients can also download information that we have. In the eMule network there are hundreds of servers and millions of clients, it is mandatory that the clients connect to one of these servers to obtain network services, and to be able to communicate with the rest of the network users.

Therefore, in order to connect to the eMule network and start exchanging files, it is necessary to register different servers, below, you can see the ones that work best:

  • eMuleSecurity: ed2k://|server||6584|/
  • eMule Sunrise: ed2k://|server||4725|/
  • GroupTS Server: ed2k://|server||4661|/
  • Astra-2: ed2k://|server||22888|/
  • Astra-3: ed2k://|server||43333|/
  • Gaal: ed2k://|server||31031|/
  • Astra-5: ed2k://|server||33333|/
  • Akteon Server: ed2k://|server||18357|/
  • Astra-1: ed2k://|server||51127|/
  • Astra-6: ed2k://|server||35037|/
  • !! Sharing-Devils No.3!!: ed2k://|server||4232|/
  • !! Sharing-Devils No.1!!: ed2k://|server||4232|/
  • !! Sharing-Devils No.2!!: ed2k://|server||4232|/

Once you have entered the servers, you will have to use the search engine to start looking for all the content that there is, and it will start downloading it and also sharing it.

Public Torrent Trackers

currently exist dozens of web pages that upload all the premieres of Netflix movies and series completely free of charge. In order to download this content, you will have to go to one or more websites and download the corresponding .torrent file to later upload it to your favorite BitTorrent client. In these public trackers there are thousands of people sharing the different premieres, so the download of the content will be really fast. One aspect that you should know is that many of these websites profit through very intrusive advertising banners, so you will have to use some type of ad blocker to gain access without difficulties.

qBittorrent 2019 70MB/s

Once you’ve downloaded the .torrent file, you’ll need to use one of the more popular BitTorrent programs. If you use Windows-based operating systems, our recommendation is that you use the qBittorrent programWithout a doubt, this program is the best for Windows. It works really fast, has many advanced configuration options, and most importantly: it is compatible with the vast majority of BitTorrent trackers. An alternative that works really well on Windows is Transmission, it has fewer options than the previous one, but they have recently released the new Transmission 4.0 version that allows you to download much faster and with less resource consumption.

In the case of using a Linux-based operating system, you can also use this same qBittorrent program, or resort to other alternatives such as Transmission that works really well on this operating system. Of course other programs like Deluge and even Libtorrent work really well too.

Private BitTorrent Trackers

Bittorrent’s private trackers are web pages that can only be accessed by invitation, they are like public trackers but a series of requirements must be met when downloading the content. For example, it is necessary to leave sharing the different contributions that we download for several days, in addition, it is also necessary to take care of the ratio, that is, upload more content than we download, otherwise, they will expel us.

These types of trackers are not available to anyone, they are not as popular as the large public tracker websites that exist, but there is no type of advertising or profit here. If you want to access these trackers, you should know that there are Telegram groups where there are hundreds of users who share information on how to access, invites are exchanged (invitations are never sold, it is a reason for expulsion of the private tracker) and talk about the news of the tracker. Netflix landscape and other related aspects.

As you can see, P2P networks are still more alive than ever, and they are one of the most recommended alternatives if you want to download content and not watch it streaming.

direct downloads

After P2P programs such as eMule or the BitTorrent network, direct downloads of multimedia content were born with the aim of further accelerating the dissemination of content. Although there were many years where Megaupload was king, currently there are still different websites to download content directly from third-party servers.

Download Manager HTTP Downloader

The conditions of each of these servers must be taken into account, since in many cases it is necessary to buy the premium subscription to be able to download it in a reasonable time. You should know that, if you use the free accounts, it is very possible that you will have a quite significant download limitation, and you may even be blocked from downloading more files for several hours or days.

With this in mind, many users resort to premium subscriptions from different direct download platforms in order to quickly download all the content. The negative part is that the content that is uploaded is not always on the same download server, so we may have to purchase different subscriptions to different services, in order for the uploaders to upload it to these download servers. .

How to watch downloaded content on TV

Now that you have seen what methods exist to download the content to our computer, now we are going to show you how you can watch it on TV using different software. Depending on the hardware you have, it is advisable to use one option or another.


The vast majority of routers that have a USB port, and of course, NAS servers, have DLNA software with the aim of being able to view multimedia content on TV very easily and quickly. The quintessential software to play content via DLNA is miniDLNA, although there are also programs like Fuppes to do it on a NAS server.


The DLNA protocol will allow us to see from the TV and from any DLNA client device, all the content organized by folders that we have on the server. In this way, we can navigate through the different menus and play the content directly. A very important aspect is that this multimedia content will be viewed with a generally higher bitrate than Netflix, so you must have a good connection on your TV or on the devices where you want to play it.

Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is the multimedia content player par excellence, in addition to being able to install the Plex application itself on the TV, mobile, tablet or computer, it also incorporates a DLNA server in case our TV is not compatible with the official Plex application. Thanks to this software we will be able to view our multimedia content organized by folders, but also by titles, years, etc. One of the strengths of Plex is that it will be able to tell us what content we have already seen completely, and what content we have half seen, and start playback from where we have previously abandoned it, just like Netflix or any other platform does.

This software is one of the most popular if you have a home NAS server, it is not necessary for the NAS server to be very powerful, although it is highly recommended that it have a processor with hardware accelerated transcoding. Thanks to the transcoding that Plex performs, we can play multimedia content with a lower bitrate than the original, perfect for mobile devices.

Plex has a paid version called Plex Pass, this annual subscription or with a single payment for life, which allows us to “unlock” all the possibilities of the software, such as hardware-accelerated transcoding, the possibility to play multimedia content over the Internet from mobile devices, and much more.


Jellyfin is a completely free alternative to Plex that is becoming especially relevant in the world of NAS servers, because it is an open source project whose objective is to provide the best possible user experience. Currently, the Jellyfin development team has both the server that is where all the movies will be, and that it is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS systems and we can even install it in Docker, so we will have great versatility.

The compatibility of the server is as important as that of the clients, in this case, Jellyfin has applications for Android and iOS, we can also install the application on Android TV, Roki and televisions with webOS. Finally, it also has an add-on for KODI that will allow us to use it in the event that our TV is not officially supported by a native Jellyfin app.

As you have seen, we have the possibility of continuing to watch Netflix movies and series for free, the move to limit shared accounts will cause users to start migrating back to the methods they used years ago.

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