How to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games live for free

Missing only 9 days so that the 2020 Olympic Games begin. If an alien falls on our planet today and you read the headline of this news, you will think that we have made a mistake when writing the year. But all of us who have lived and suffered the happy COVID-19 pandemic know that it is not a mistake.

The Olympics of Tokyo 2020 they had to be suspended because of the coronavirus, and postponed for a year. One year less one day, to be exact. The opening day was scheduled for July 24, 2020, and at the end it will be July 23, 2021. Without a doubt, one of the biggest television events on the planet that we can follow on TV without missing out on any detail. Let’s see how we can see it totally free.

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Since the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro ended, it was known that the following would begin on July 24, 2020 in Tokyo. Absolutely no one could think back then that this was not going to be the case. In early 2020, the coronavirus all over the planet, infecting and killing hundreds of thousands of people in all countries without exception. Faced with such a situation, the entire planet was confined to a greater or lesser extent, in order to reduce the number of infections.

And that is how the two most important sporting events in the world, such as the Soccer Eurocup 2020 and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, were suspended and postponed for a year. The president of the organizing committee Yoshiro Mori announced it: “The name of Tokyo 2020 will be maintained, and it will be held in 2021.”

How to watch the Olympics for free on TV

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Both in RTVE like in DAZN You can watch the 2020 Olympics for free online. Yes, yes, DAZN is a payment platform, but now later we will tell you how to enjoy the Olympic event without paying a single euro from the main streaming sports platform.

In the case of RTVE, the issue is clear. It is the Spanish public television, which is paid with the taxes of all Spaniards, and will broadcast all the competitions of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in open air, both on television and in streaming. In addition, you will have all the competitions already held on your platform so that they can be viewed on a delayed basis. The chain is going to overturn without a doubt with the Olympic Games.

You will have several ways of being able to follow the Olympics with the public entity of RTVE. You can do it through La1, Teledeporte, its streaming video platform, its social networks or its official channel of Youtube, in addition to listening to broadcasts from RNE.

And another very interesting option is to see it through the traditional channels of the Olympics Eurosport 1 Y Eurosport 2 which includes the streaming video platform DAZN. On this platform you can also follow the Olympics on DAZN from its inauguration to its closure, completely free. And without cheating or cardboard.

How is it possible, if DAZN is paid?


You can follow all the Olympic Games on DAZN’s Eurosport channels.

The DAZN sports platform offers all its new subscribers a 30-day free trial period. After this trial period, the client decides whether to continue or not subscribed, without obligation, without penalty and without complications when unsubscribing. Since the Olympics last just over two weeks, I don’t need to explain anything more to you.

It should also be borne in mind that depending on the payment option you choose, the free period can be extended up to three months.

Let’s see. Subscribing to DAZN carries a monthly payment of 9.99 euros, or an annual payment of 99.99 euros (you pay 10 months). With both monthly and yearly options, DAZN offers 30 days free trial. However, if we opt for a single annual payment, to that free month, the two that you save with the annual offer would be added. That is, you would enjoy 13 months but you would pay only 10, so you could see the Olympic Games, the Paralympics and, among others, the start of the Premier League or the Euroleague. Take it now.

In addition to the Olympics, these two channels, included in the DAZN subscription, collect competitions of the highest level such as Roland Garros (Tennis), the Dakar rally (Motorsports), the Formula E (Motorcycling) or the World Championship (Snooker). In the end, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games last just over 15 days, so the rest of the year is occupied by other top-level sports disciplines.

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And how to watch the Olympics paying


Eurosport Player is the payment platform where you can follow the Olympic Games.

Another way to follow the Olympics on TV is in Eurosport Player. The Eurosport streaming platform will broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games online, live and also on demand, so you can watch them on demand.

Like the large streaming platforms, Eurosport Player offers you its content in HD, allows you to view it on various devices and has the option multi-camera not to lose detail of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

But of course, all this viewing quality comes at a price. Eurosport Player has a monthly cost 6.99 euros, or an annual payment 39.99 euros. The Eurosport Player subscription is automatically renewed but there is no commitment to stay or penalty for unsubscribing.

And of course, you can also follow the Tokyo Olympic Games in detail if you are subscribed to Movistar, Orange Y Vodafone. If you have contracted a fiber, mobile, television and landline rate, with one of the large operators, you will already have the channels necessary to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games by default.

When hiring any of the Fusion Rates of Movistar, you will have included the 80 thematic channels of Movistar TV. Among them, you can enjoy Eurosport 1 (Dial 61) and Eurosport 2 (Dial 62), thus being able to see the Tokyo 2021 Olympics in full.

In the case of Orange, all rates that include the option Orange TV Total, they also have included the channels Eurosport 1 (Dial 100) and Eurosport 102 (Dial 101).

On the other hand, in Vodafone, when you contract any of its fiber, mobile, fixed and television rates, you already have the Eurosport 1 channel that allows you to watch the main competitions of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, if you want to see all the disciplines , the best option is to hire the Sports Pack from Vodafone, which includes Eurosport 2 and Eurosport Player, Eurosport’s previously discussed streaming platform.

The platforms on our devices


Follow the Olympics. on DAZN from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

Obviously, all these streaming video platforms have their corresponding applications both for M1 Macs, iPads, iPhones Y Apple tv. So you can follow all the games from anywhere. You have no excuse.

DAZN has its application for iOS, iPadOS, Mac M1 and Apple TV. RTVE also has its RTVE Play app compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac M1 and Apple TV. Eurosport Player, has its app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Movistar, Orange and Vodafone also have their own applications for both iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

An Olympics without an audience in the stands

But when it was decided to postpone these two great sporting events, the hope was that by today the virus was already under control. But it has not been that way. Even having an important part of the population already vaccinated, the appearance of the variant Delta COVID-19 is wreaking havoc among the young population, still unvaccinated, and a new wave of infections has appeared.

So while in the stadiums where the Euro 2021 We have seen fans in the stands (with restricted seats depending on the area), finally the Japanese health authorities have advised against opening the stadiums and sports halls to the public, and the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021 They will be held behind closed doors, with no public in the stands.

The decision to hold the competition at door closed It was decided after a five-party meeting attended by the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, and representatives of the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, the International Paralympic Committee and the metropolitan governments of Japan and Tokyo.

Thus, the Olympic Games begin on July 23th, with the opening and inauguration ceremony in the city of Tokyo, and ends on August 8, two weeks after the starting gun in an event marked by the happy coronavirus and the absence of public, but which will have an important Spanish delegation with aspirations to conquer a good number of medals.

The Spanish Olympic team

Flag bearers

Saúl Craviotto and Mireia Belmonte will be the standard bearers of the Spanish delegation in Tokyo 2020.

Spain will have 321 athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. The Spanish Olympic Committee has published this week the definitive list of representatives of the Spanish team that will try to obtain a very positive result in the medal table. 184 men Y 137 women They will compete during the two weeks of the Olympic event, with Saúl Craviotto and Mireia Belmonte as leaders of the expedition as Spanish flag bearers.

Among the proper names that stand out on the list are the athlete of 110 meters hurdles Orlando ortega, the golfer Jon rahm, the cyclist Alejandro Valverde or the triathletes Javier Gómez Noya Y Mario Mola, in addition to his own Saul Craviotto, leader of the K4 500 with medal options in Tokyo. In addition, men’s soccer, basketball, handball and water polo teams have options to obtain an Olympic medal for Spain.

In the women’s competition, Mireia Belmonte is the main visible face of the Spanish team, with the karateka Sandra Sanchez or the barbell Lydia valentin as serious options to get a medal. In teams, the girls of handball, basketball or water polo are also among the candidates to hang a metal in these Olympic Games.


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If you want to follow the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on TV that begin on July 23, the best free options are RTVE and the two Eurosport channels that it offers you DAZN on their platform and that you can try completely free.

And the payment options are the channel platform Eurosport Player, and the acquaintances of the Spanish operators Movistar, Vodafone Y Orange. Of course, you have a choice.

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