How to watch two football matches at the same time on Movistar Plus+

If you want to enjoy all the LaLiga matches, the only option is Movistar Plus+. Furthermore, through its agreement with DAZN, we can confirm that until 2017 it will be the platform that will offer Spanish football. And if you are a lover of the beautiful game, it is very likely that you will be interested watch two football matches simultaneously, a very interesting function that you can do with the Movistar+ decoder.

The way of consuming content has evolved, allowing us to enjoy it in a very different way thanks to the use of new technologies. For example, the deployment offered by Movistar for Formula 1 is high. But in this case we are talking about a function included in decoders so that you can watch two games at the same time on Movistar Plus+.

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You can also watch several channels at the same time on Movistar Plus+

Movistar in PiP

This can be very useful if your team doesn’t depend on itself and you want to see the other game that is being played, or you simply like to be able to follow several meetings simultaneously.

In addition, this simple trick that we are going to show you has many more uses, since you can also use it to watch two television channels at the same time, for example. And seeing that the process does not have major complications, it is worth trying it.

Use the Picture in Picture (PiB) function

Listen to radio matches Movistar+

Among the different functions that Movistar is adding to its service, we have one that will allow you to watch two games at the same time or any other content that allows simultaneous broadcasting. All thanks to the Picture in Picture or PIP function.

This way, you can a window overlay on your TV so that you can see several contents simultaneously within the Movistar Plus+ catalogue.

As you will see in the image, what is created is a second floating window on top right and that will allow you to view its contents. And what about the audio? The main channel will always sound, while the secondary channel will remain muted.

If you are watching two games at the same time and there is a play that interests you, you can reverse the position of both events very easily.

How to activate the PiP mode in the Movistar deco

movistar laliga

Requirements to use PiB mode

  • You need a Movistar UHD decoder
  • Fiber optic connectivity

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to access all the contents, except the multi-camera channels of F1 with DANZ, Mosaico F1. Netflix, Cinema and Multisport, so the range of possibilities is still very wide.

  • To access, you must access the miniguide by pressing the OK button on your remote control.
  • Now you will see the mini guide appear when you are looking at a dial.
  • Scroll with the navigation keys until you see an icon called PiP.
  • Now press OK and the tuned channel will appear pinned at the top right.
  • With this, the channel you have selected in PiP mode will appear in the upper right part of your television.

Note that, no matter what resolution you offer, this window will play in standard quality. A lesser evil considering that you can watch two games at the same time on Movistar Plus+ or enjoy your favorite channels simultaneously.

As you may have seen, this is a very simple trick to apply to be able to watch two soccer games at the same time on your television. Finally, we invite you to read this article where we explain the advantages of using a virtual decoder to watch Movistar Plus+ on your computer.

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