How we can help those affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

The earthquake in Syria and Turkey is causing a humanitarian crisis of colossal dimensions. The provisional balance of victims as of today speaks of 11,100 dead and 56,000 woundedalthough the final figure will unfortunately be higher given the number of disappeared under the rubble.

Rescue teams work on the ground to try to save as many people as possible, although the hopes of finding them alive are diminishing with each passing hour. In this type of tragedy, time is critical and after the first 72 hours the chances are reduced. In addition, there are emergency areas that are difficult to access and night temperatures below zero with snow storms are another penalty for rescuers and victims.

Although the greatest urgency is to rescue the survivors, we cannot forget the thousands of people who have lost their homes and who are overcrowding the camps that are being created to shelter them. and lack of everything. Turkey does not have enough means and what can we say about Syria, a country mired in a terrible civil war for more than a decade. To these must be added more than 400,000 Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps in Syria, some in the areas affected by the earthquake.

Help those affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Fortunately, the international community is turning to the sending of human and material resources, but what has been said, everything is and will be needed in devastated areas. If you want to collaborate, we leave you some of the main organizations that are channeling the aid. We can do it on their web pages, through account deposits or use of telephones.

Emergency Committee. Six NGOs (SOS Children’s Villages, Educo, Médicos del Mundo, Oxfam Intermón, Plan International and World Vision) have come together to provide a faster and more organized response.

  • Bizum code 02076
  • Transfer to ES24 2100 5731 7202 0035 4082
  • Free phone: 900 595 216
  • SMS with the word ‘TOGETHER’ to 28014


  • Santander account: ES67 0049 0001 59 2810100005
  • Free Tef: 900 907 500

Doctors without borders

  • BIZUM Code: 02707
  • Caixabank: ES57 2100 3063 99 2200110010
  • Santander: ES31 0049 1806 95 2811869099

Save the Children

  • BIZUM Code: 33357
  • Santander: ES50 0049 1837 5422 1024 9123

AAPS. Association for the support of the Syrian people. A Spanish NGO that has built a humanitarian bridge since a terrible war in 2011 caused the death and displacement of millions of Syrians.

  • BIZUM Code: 05169
  • Phone 623 189 094
  • Bank: ES04 2080 3505 3130 4005 5721

Note: Caution with aids

You cannot be more miserable and inhuman than taking advantage of this type of tragedies to pocket the help that sensitive citizens provide. But there is everything… Bitdefender has warned of malicious malware campaigns that, using phishing techniques, ask for cryptocurrency donations through emails. Of course, the money never reaches the victims. Friend, never reply to these messages and use the official channels like the ones we have listed for you.

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