How you can carry plane and train tickets on your iPhone

Adding all your tickets

The digital world has come to dethrone the paper format of practically everything. This is where the digitization of something as common as a plane or train ticket comes in, which is always needed for boarding. Although, you can also find the option to digitize other tickets such as boat tickets or any other means of transport. The only downside is that it must always be done from supported applications.

Through compatible applications

When you buy a ticket it is important to know that the developers must be compatible with the Apple kit. That is, not just any company can be compatible with Wallet, but they have had to carry out the development specifically. What you should look for at all times is the characteristic Wallet sign when you enter the information of any ticket that you have found. Specifically, this will be a black wallet with several colored rectangles at the top that will resemble cards.

Once you click on this icon, you will see how the Wallet application opens and a preview of the ticket appears. You just have to check that it is correct and click on Add so that you can consult it as many times as you need it. This is something that in addition to the applications of the main airlines or Renfe, you can also find direct access from your own email. Specifically, if you use the native Mail app, you will intelligently see a notification that a Wallet-compatible PassBook has been detected. It must also be said that in the App Store itself you can find a section dedicated to Wallet.

Can it be done directly?

If you normally use Wallet, you will know that it has the characteristic of scanning credit or debit cards through the camera itself. You may think that simply by scanning the barcode on the card you can add the PassBook automatically, but this is not the case. There is no way to add it automatically to do it in a much more convenient way. You almost always have to depend on the applications that are compatible with this system.

And we say that it is almost always, because there is another extra method. Some companies can send their ticket through a simple SMS. This is one of the ways that can become more common to not have to depend on an application. In an SMS you can integrate a link to access the web and download it automatically, finally being integrated into the Wallet application.


What can you do with the stored bills

Once the different banknotes have been added, it must be taken into account that different actions can be carried out on them. In this case, you must know specifically how you can make use of these bills and also how to dispose of them. We explain everything below.

Use them from the lock app

When all the train or plane tickets you need have been added, you should know how to use them. All these usually have a QR code that will be the one you use to access the different platforms or terminals of stations or airports. That is why it must be really important to have quick access to this code and not take several minutes to find it to be able to display it. That is why iOS allows you to use its “intelligence” to show it to you comfortably whenever you need it.

You should automatically know that the operating system will detect when your train or plane is going to leave. In this way, several hours before the direct access to your tickets will appear on the lock screen. This will be a notification box that will not disappear at any time and whenever you click on it and identify yourself with your face or your fingerprint, it will appear instantly. This way you will be much more productive in the places where you know they will ask you for these cards. Likewise, you can also see how it will appear depending on the location. This is something that is always on by default.

Check relevant information

In the plane and train tickets you can find a lot of relevant information about the whole trip you are going to do. That is why you can consult data at any time such as the seat you have assigned or the time you should leave. These are numbers that you should not remember at any time and that, as with physical boarding passes, you will always have them at hand but in digital format.

WAllet data

In order to access this information, you simply have to enter Wallet and click on the train or metro boarding pass for your trip. You can quickly identify this with the train or flight number at the top of the card. At first you will see the information that is basic such as the seat or the arrivals. But you can also consult other information by clicking on the three points in the upper right corner. Among these more “hidden” data you can find the boarding time or the type of luggage that you can take with you on a trip.

Delete them when they expire

In the event that you have added a boarding pass for a train or plane, you should know that the QR code has an expiration period. For security reasons, it stops working and offers information after a certain time. The problem is that even if a card is no longer useful, it will not disappear from the Wallet application. Whenever you enter you will see a series of cards that at first will not be of any use to you. That is, despite the fact that many people believe that they are eliminated after a reasonable time, this is not the case.

To keep a wallet as orderly as possible, you have to know how to eliminate those bills that you are not going to use. In this way you will have only those tickets that are useful to you. Likewise, you can leave them stored in case you want to remember exactly where you went and when. In the event that you want to eliminate them, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Access Wallet.
  2. Click on the ticket you want to delete.
  3. Click on the three points that you will find in the upper right corner.
  4. Choose Delete pass.

delete wallet

From here on, the passes that you have removed from the application will be irrecoverable. As we have commented previously, it is interesting to delete them to have a better organization but also for privacy. As with physical banknotes, the attached barcode contains a lot of personal information and should always be destroyed.

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