How you can lose the work of years in Meta social networks

Day after day, dozens of people and companies suffer temporary or permanent restrictions on their profiles on social networks, Mainly on Facebook and Instagram. These blockages result in the total or partial loss of all the work of years in just a few seconds. The digital marketing expert, Iria Alvarez, who has years of experience in the sector, explains that in most cases it could be easily avoided, since they occur because those responsible for managing these profiles are unaware of how the Meta environment works. “The platform seems very simple to use, but it becomes a real maze when you get into it”.

Iria Álvarez’s consulting firm receives more and more cases of companies, both SMEs and large companies, that have their accounts on social networks hacked, restricted or with lost access.Recovering a password is not as easy as it seems. Álvarez warns, pointing out the managers of these profiles as the main responsible for this problem. “They believe that Facebook or Instagram are only for posting photos, videos and doing some advertising”. Meta is much more, and a good example of this are the three major restrictions that the profiles of these RRSS can suffer.

hacked accounts

Behind these cases, more common than one might think, there is carelessness or ignorance. Although Meta has security methods, such as double authentication or the option to have multiple trusted administrators, most do not use them.

Iria Álvarez gives the example of a children’s clothing store, Badum Badero. The personal account that was used to create the professional account was hacked, which prevented the business account from continuing. Unbeknownst to them, they did not have two-step authentication enabled on their personal profile, which made it easy for the hacker to break into their profile and change their passwords. “To this we had to add another factor: the hacked account was the only administrator of the Facebook company page of his business”. The company lost the work of years and a page with more than 20 thousand followers. The recovery was successful, but it lasted for months of long conversations, notaries, verifications… something that affected the visibility and sales of the business for a while.

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restricted accounts

Most of the cases that reach Álvarez are produced by the total ignorance of the policies and limits of the Meta world. This problem affects both personal and professional profiles, and also advertising accounts that are permanently disabled due to repeated breach of the rules: nudity, bullying, crimes, talking about personal characteristics, making promises that are exaggerated or will not be kept, or spam, among a long etcetera. The restrictions can be temporary or permanent, and in the latter case there is no turning back. “That is why we always emphasize the importance of learning to use the platform correctly”Alvarez insists.

Another clothing account, Unmatchedhas suffered a series of restrictions that have prevented him from managing his profiles on Instagram and Facebook normally for some time, and that have their origin in advertising management, in addition to the disabling of the personal profile associated with the account and that the Business Manager did not match your manager. “The Facebook bot didn’t like something the brand was doing. Iniqual Brand defined itself as ‘a 100% European, non-binary gender inclusive loungewear brand’. Whether we like it or not, talking about gender on Facebook is complex, because the social network doesn’t like people talking about personal characteristics”.

Accounts with lost access

Although it may not seem like it, there are more cases of lost access than you might expect, and contrary to what most believe, they are not easy to recover. When a Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp profile is associated with a commercial account or Business Manager (BM), this will be its sole owner, and the profiles can only be changed or deleted from the BM itself. Each Business Manager is associated with a personal account, thus, if access is lost, the account is lost.

Access to the accounts is lost due to different circumstances, such as the fact that a former employee created it, that the social network has deleted it due to inactivity of the personal Facebook profile, that there is no longer access to the email associated with the account…”To recover them you have to prove to Meta that you are their legitimate owner, so in the end we are in the same situation as if they had hacked your account.

Iria Álvarez gives as an example of lost access to an account the case of a childcare business in A Coruña, Tatahuete. “Ignorance caused his Facebook account to be corrupted.” By losing control of his personal account, he also lost access to his business account, and although one more administrator had been added to these accounts, not reacting in time allowed the hacker to remove access to the rest of the administrators ”. The process to regain access took months, and they had to prove with invoices, records and other data that they were the owners of the business, certifying it before a notary public.

Time, patience and experience

The only way to recover in these cases is, in the words of Iria Álvarez, “arm yourself with patience to immerse yourself in long and tedious processes, since every day the rules are tougher and the platform more complicated”. That is why, before doing anything, you have to assess what options there are to recover the profiles and if it is worth immersing yourself in the process. “Losing an account created 3 months ago with 100 followers is not the same as losing an account for years with thousands of followers, buyers… In the latter case, the loss of the account entails financial losses”.

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