How you can share Disney + among your family

However, it is not highly recommended to exceed that fictitious barrier of five users per account. Not for exceeding the limit, but for the number of devices we can register. Having a limit of 10 devices linked per account, between five users, you will reach the limit as fast as connecting a mobile phone and a television or tablet for each of the members of the joint account. If you share your account with the maximum possible users, that is, 7, you will have to agree in advance on which devices the account can be used, so as not to saturate the registry. However, nothing should happen if you use Disney+ from a browser.

Even so, the most suitable number is 4 users per account. You will be able to dodge the limits of Disney Plus a little by using the offline method, which we will tell you about a little later.

Manage profiles on Disney+

edit disney profiles

You can create up to 7 different profiles for each Disney+ account. Each of them will have their name, a different image and a personalized panel with recommendations and the history of content that has been consumed so far.

Create a new profile

create disney plus profile

The process for create a new profile is the following:

  • Enter the Disney Plus website from a browser or the app for mobile devices or Smart TV.
  • In the initial menu of the platform, click on ‘Add Profile‘.
  • Select a avatar For the bill. There are hundreds of them. In the first line you will see the most used characters from all over Disney, but further down you can select the avatar that you like the most from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Disney princesses… whatever comes to mind.
  • Write a account name. Before finishing, you can mark if the profile will be used by an adult or if, on the contrary, it will be a profile ‘Kids‘, For the smallest of the house.
  • give to save to end.

Delete or change a profile

edit disney plus profile

If a friend has jumped off the Disney Plus sharing boat, you can remove his profile —yes, change the password first, lest he continue using it as a cap—.

  1. To delete your profile, Access Disney Plus from any profile.
  2. Then, click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the interface. Go to option ‘Edit Profiles‘.
  3. A selection menu similar to the one you see every time you start the application will appear again, but with an edit symbol on the sides. Click to start editing the profile you want change or remove.
  4. In the first line, you can change the username or also your avatar. You can also change here the language of the profile, select again whether or not it is a kids profile (you can set a pin and the age of the content that user can consume) and you can also enable or disable GroupWatch.
  5. However, if you are looking for remove said profile, you will have to navigate to the bottom of the list and click ‘Delete Profile‘. Upon confirmation, all recommendations that have been generated for that user will be permanently removed from your Disney Plus account.

GroupWatch, the best way to share Disney+

groupwatch disney plus

One of the star features of Disney Plus is Group Watch. It allows us to watch a film, documentary or television series together with other people who are not close to us. This functionality can be done both with members of the same account and with users who belong to different Disney+ accounts.

GroupWatch allows a Simultaneous playback on two or more devices (up to a total of 7), even enabling a “chat” so that we can express ourselves during playback. And yes, we say “chat” in quotes because it will only allow us to use predefined images, something similar to Twitch’s ’emotes mode’.

However, GroupWatch supports other interesting technologies, such as face time on devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. You can make a video call at the same time that you watch a series or a movie, being a very interesting and innovative experience. At El Output we did a demo some time ago, so if you’re wondering how to use GroupWatch with FaceTime, here’s a detailed video where you can learn how to do italong with the rest of the applications that support Apple’s Shareplay functions.

doIs there a legal way to bypass the Disney+ limit?

Disney movies ideal to watch at Christmas

Yes there is. And best of all, it is a totally official method. Disney Plus allows offline downloads. For example, let’s say you’re going on a long train trip and want to watch some Disney Plus movies or series, even though you won’t have a very good internet connection during the journey.

Well, before leaving, you can download the contents you are going to see during your trip to your mobile or laptop. And, indeed, your device will not count as connected during that time as long as you are in airplane mode.

There is no total download limit beyond the storage of your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Nevertheless, you will have to connect to the internet every 3 days for Disney+ to renew the licenses to your content and allow you to continue using it.

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