HP enhances real-time collaboration and co-creation for high-performance flows

HP has announced new subscription proposals to Z by HP, Teradici and NVIDIA Omniverse ™ Enterprise to empower remote collaboration across multiple systems and applications, via direct connection or in the cloud. HP is also launching its software bundle of data science for Linux workflows in collaboration with Microsoft on the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2), providing all the development benefits of Ubuntu with the enterprise security and manageability of Windows.

Working from any environment these days, you need the right technology and tools to keep workplaces connected and protected, workers involved, and workflows streamlined. An ecosystem of remote solutions is essential for today’s workforce to collaborate smoothly, accelerate workflows and interact in real time from any environment. With HP software-enabled digital services, creators can communicate seamlessly, evolving ideas and making creative decisions faster.

“Today’s designers, creators, and power users need access to their high-performance computing and workflows from anywhere they need it; location is no longer a limit », has affirmed Pablo Ugarte, general director of Personal Systems of HP. “Digital services such as workflow-as-a-service and on-demand computing will shape the way in which business customers and SMBs will use high-performance computing in the future. At HP, we strive to offer the world’s most comprehensive solutions for remote computing and collaboration with ZCentral and Teradici. “

“Our customers will be able to run the most demanding visualization workflows to meet today’s challenges of design, creativity and science, from anywhere, as NVIDIA GPUs accelerate the performance of already powerful Z workstations, Teradici opens access to those who are far away and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise provides a platform for real-time collaboration “, said Bob Pette, vice president of Professional Visualization at NVIDIA.

Comprehensive solutions for high-performance connection and collaboration

Designed to tackle graphical or compute intensive projects from anywhere, the combination of ZCentral Software and Teradici CAS provides a complete remote computing solution in a single offering Users will have the flexibility to access the suite of software they need to tackle graphical projects or intensive computing from anywhere. Teradici CAS offers teams the ability to securely access the cloud and virtual machines, while ZCentral Remote Boost allows access to the performance of localized workstations. The powerful combination of two industry-leading remote work applications provides access from anywhere using most PCs, thin clients, Chromebooks, or tablets, while seamlessly managing remote connections with IT management software .

The combined one-year subscription will include Teradici CAS and HP ZCentral software and includes, per concurrent user, Teradici CAS, HP ZCentral Remote Boost Sender and Receiver, HP ZCentral Connect and support. HP ZCentral Connect software is included in the subscription for a limited time.

HP is also working with NVIDIA to combine the power of Z workstations with Teradici CAS and NVIDIA Omniverse ™ Enterprise to deliver a revolutionary platform that enables remote co-creation, simultaneous real-time collaboration, and true-to-life simulation for users. design teams. This innovative combination will transform 3D workflows, while removing location as a barrier to true 3D collaboration. Now an Epic Games Unreal Engine designer in Chicago, an Autodesk Revit designer in London, and a McNeel Rhino designer in Mexico City can collaborate seamlessly and intuitively on the same project in real time. The combination provides design teams with co-creation tools designed for 3D workflows and offers the ability to choose the end device and application with HP’s open ecosystem for multiple operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) and support for multiple NVIDIA applications.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and Teradici CAS, coupled with Z performance, enable real-time collaboration of design teams on diverse creative workflows. With the purchase of a qualifying Z by HP workstation, users can access a three-month trial of NVIDIA Omniverse ™ Enterprise (two Creator licenses, four Nucleus licenses, ten Reviewer licenses – a $ 2,250 value) and a three-month trial of Teradici CAS (up to fifty licenses – a $ 3,000 value)

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