HP enters the Microsoft metaverse with its printing service

Solve printing problems in real time and with the help of augmented reality. This is the new proposal that HP and Microsoft make with HP xRServices powered by Microsoft Hololens 2, a new service that will allow HP customers to repair their machines more easily, avoiding unnecessary travel and improving their productivity.

Designed in principle to address technical incidents that large format equipment may present, HP xRServices combines the use of HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses with expert advice from HP technicians.

In this sense and as HP has explained in its official statement, “a combination of virtual-real world is created in which customers will be able to connect with HP engineers in a fraction of a second through mixed reality, advising them on any issue, at any point in your print production. ‘

In an ideal situation, using HoloLens 2 and HP xServices support, users will have the feeling of being “physically present with a virtual advisor at hand to guide them through the process,” thanks to which no time is wasted over long periods of time. calls, resolutions are fast, and downtime is minimal.

Compatible with all HP industrial printer hardware, users can quickly learn and adapt to tasks, guided step-by-step by their virtual HP engineer, while instructions move alongside employees to easily direct them to the specific parts or problems they need to solve .

Currently the service is in beta phase and is being tested by some clients such as Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions in the United States or Fujiplus in Japan.

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