HP ENVY Inspire: Print your life and immortalize your memories

The printer is much more than a work tool, it is a device that allows us to print, and immortalize, the most important moments of our lives. With the HP ENVY Inspire, the American company has shaped a printer that is shown as an ideal solution for those freelancers who print moderately, and when they do, they want to enjoy high print quality and a low cost per page. .

You may still think that printing full-color photos is expensive, but with the HP ENVY Inspire and HP Instant Ink Service you no longer have to worry about spending on ink. When you sign up for this service, It doesn’t matter how much ink you spend, only the pages you print.. Thus, for example, a page printed in color and with high quality will cost you the same as a page in black and white, and in draft mode.

But that’s not all, with HP Instant Ink you can completely forget about inkas the printer will automatically monitor ink levels and take care of reordering cartridges when you detect that the levels are close to being depleted. You will receive your new pack of cartridges in a few days, and they will arrive at your doorstep, or from your office, without shipping costs.

Thanks to the HP Instant Ink service you can print all the photos you want without ink being a problem, and your HP ENVY Inspire printer will help you give them a unique touch with its new customization features, among which the two-sided printing stands out, the automatic insertion of the date and location, something very useful that will help you identify where the photo was taken and at what time, and you will also be able to use the quality adapted to the phone in new sizes , including panoramic and square for social networks.

The HP ENVY Inspire is also compatible with HP+, and comes with 6-9 months free HP Instant Ink subscriptionwhich will help you amortize your purchase almost instantly.

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