HP expands its global Reinvent the Classroom International (RTCi) initiative

Incorporating innovation into teaching processes in schools is key when focusing educational strategies on the student, which guarantee their learning and educational success in the future. And, it is that, to achieve the success of any educational system, it is necessary to stimulate the development of digital skills of teachers and students. For this, it is necessary to transform the spaces and schedules that make curricular programming more flexible, with an eye toward collaboration between teachers.

During the pandemic, more than 1.6 billion students around the world were affected by the closure of educational centers, which caused the loss of their study rhythm and a partial or total disconnection with their academic environment. A whole generation of students that, according to a report published by the World Bank, UNESCO and UNICEF, runs the risk of lose $17 billion in lifetime income, which is about 14% of current world GDP.

After the upheaval caused by COVID-19, both countries and institutions, and companies, have a responsibility to adapt learning models and take advantage of what we have learned. We must make educational centers the drivers of change through innovation and a commitment to raising the digital skills of schools, teachers and students”has commented Helena Smithpresident of HP in the Southern Europe region. “And it is that this journey for educational progress benefits us all, transforms our society and enriches it, fostering talent and creativity through collaboration between teacher and student, which will be the asset that will build the future of the planet” .

Although almost all countries offered distance learning programs for students, the quality and scope of these initiatives varied greatly and were, at best, partial substitutes for face-to-face learning. Almost two years later, many students continue to face lockdowns and to hybrid learning that is not yet fully established, and millions more continue to have schools closed or risk having their education limited in the future.

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RTCi, a transformative framework for the educational model of the future

To further this commitment to education, HP expands its global initiative Reinvent the Classroom International (RTCi), whose objective is to build more resilient educational systems in the long term, through a sustainable, scalable and structured process where technology enhances the reinvention of educational experiences in schools around the world.

This HP program is supported by Intel and Grupo Advanced Education, under the HP/Intel Ambassadors program. Formed by teachers and education professionals whose objective is to give pedagogical life to the RTC classroom. Analyzing, training and accompanying throughout the implementation process, turning the space into a true engine of methodological change in the center. It is already available in 13 countries and 7 languages, and has already had an impact in more than 195 educational institutions to build more resilient educational systems and raise the digital competence of schools, teachers and students.

The Reinvent the Classroom program strengthens the role of parents, families, and communities in children’s learning, ensuring high-quality professional development for teachers, and creating an enabling environment that fosters digital learning for students and develop your talent, declared Fernando Rodríguez, CEO and Founder of Grupo AE. “We are very proud to be the partner of HP and Intel in the implementation of this initiative, which comes to solve the problems that the educational system currently has, being able to merge the power of educational technologies with new learning models“.

The RTCi classrooms, are versatile and multifunctional learning spaces, technologically equipped, spacious and flexible to favor the freedom of movement and autonomy of the students. They have four different areas (thinking, design, creation and stage) that favor collaboration and active learning enhanced by educational technology.

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