HP gaming laptop powerful and balanced

Although Black Friday is just around the corner, there are many brands that are bringing forward some of their offers so that impatient users, or those who do not want to buy in said campaign, can advance their purchases and find, many times, even better prices than we found on Black Friday. So, if you’re looking for a gaming laptop that works for both gaming and work, you’re in luck. And all thanks to HP.

For a limited time, Amazon offers us a complete gaming computer, perfect both for working or watching series, thanks to its excellent screen, and for playing, thanks to the power it hides inside: the HP Victus.

This laptop mounts inside one of the best balanced AMD processors for gaming, the Ryzen 7 5800H, a processor that is roughly equivalent to one of the highest-end Intel i7s. Along with this processor we can find 16 GB of RAM Y 512GB NVMe SSD hard drive, necessary to be able to install all the programs and games and that they can be executed perfectly. To all of the above we have to add a NVIDIA RTX 3050 graphics card that, although it is true that it is not the most powerful on the market, it will be enough to play any game we want, even with Ray Tracing enabled.

This laptop has a 16.1-inch screen, with an anti-glare IPS panel that achieves an FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In addition, it has a 144Hz refresh ratethanks to which we will be able to achieve unparalleled fluidity when running our favorite games.

This laptop has a standard price of 999 euros. However, for a limited time, we will be able to get hold of it with a 23% discount, which represents a saving of 230 euros. Thus, if we are looking for a computer with these characteristics, we will be able to buy this HP Victus for 769 euros. In addition, since the product is sold and shipped by Amazon, we can receive it for free at home and process guarantees directly with Amazon itself, something that is always an advantage.

Buy Windows and Office for this computer

We must bear in mind that this HP Victur computer comes without operating system. That means that when we turn it on for the first time, we will see a message that tells us that there is no operating system installed, and we will have to install it ourselves.

This computer is prepared for Windows 11. Therefore, instead of buying a license for Windows 10 and upgrading to Windows 11, we can take advantage of and buy a cheap Windows 11 license to be able to directly install this operating system on our PC, activate it and forget us

If we are going to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint, we will also have to buy an Office license. At Amazon we can also find very cheap licenses that will allow us to install the Microsoft suite on our PC and use it without limitations or restrictions, paying only once.

Even, if we prefer, we can also pay for a year of Microsoft 365 subscription for very little money to, in addition to being able to use Office, have 1 TB of storage in the OneDrive cloud.

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