HP Instant Ink reviews help us discover the value of this service

One of the best ways to discover the value a service offers is to through its users. For this reason, in this article we are going to see the opinions of HP Instant Ink expressed directly by users who, like you and me, had doubts about whether they should register or not, and who wanted to share the courage to take the plunge. your experience with other people to help them make a decision.

What is HP Instant Ink and how does it work?

Before entering to see the opinions of HP Instant Ink we must be clear about what it is and how it works, since this will help us to better understand those opinions.

HP Instant Ink is an automated, on-site ink replenishment service based on a subscription model. This means that we must complete a simple process to register, and once done we will begin to enjoy all its advantages:

  • Automated Orders: the printer will monitor ink levels automatically, and reorder when necessary. You will not have to do anything, and you will not pay more to receive more cartridges.
  • Home delivery: and without any additional cost. You will receive all the ink you need at your doorstep, no more wasting time going out to buy cartridges, and you will never again run out of ink at the worst moment.
  • Savings of up to 70% on ink: thanks to the subscription model based on pages printed and not on ink consumed. It doesn’t matter how much ink you use, and you can print in color at the price of black and white.
  • No commitments: By signing up you do not assume any type of commitment, you can change your plan at any time and unsubscribe whenever you want, all online and without having to give any explanation.
  • Sustainable: HP Instant Ink includes a free recycling program that will allow you to effortlessly recycle all the ink cartridges you use. You can contribute your grain of sand to the care of the planet.

What do reviews say about HP Instant Ink?

Just seeing what HP Instant Ink is and how it works can already give us an idea of ​​the value it offers and its benefits, but does it really live up to expectations?? Let’s find out through HP Instant Ink reviews left by some real users.

User Mary725 considers it an excellent service. This has been his experience:

«When I first bought the printer, they asked me to contract this INSTANT INK printing service and in the end I bought it because it was very famous and caught my attention. The truth is that I was delighted and pleasantly surprised! It’s a service super practical and functional. Choosing a monthly plan and being able to change it depending on your needs is super good, because life is changing and our needs too.

that does not have permanence It is also a positive point since this way we can remove ourselves from the service as soon as we want. And then what I liked the most about this plan was obviously its extreme comfort since it’s my printer that cares about the ink that I have left and asks for the necessary one as soon as he anticipates that I am going to run out of it. Pretty fast delivery. She has enchanted me !! »

questions HP Instant Ink (4)

Thanks to HP Instant Ink, this user has been able to completely stop worrying about ink, and enjoys a comfortable service that works for her and that adapts to your needs.

Another user, Ainara, has commented that:

«It seems to me an easy way of printing, but above all calm. You know you’re not going to run out of ink in the middle of a Sunday because he’s on the lookout for it. It works both for people who print a lot and for smaller prints. I loved it.”

This user highlights the value of automated orders, being able to stop worrying about ink and the versatility that HP Instant Ink offerssince it adapts both to users who print little and to those who have great printing needs thanks to its different plans, which range from the most basic, which includes 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros, to the superior one that includes 700 pages per month for 24.99 euros.

User Antonio has left one of the most comprehensive comments we’ve seen, considering HP Instant Ink as the future of consumables:

«First of all, say that the process to sign up for the program is quick and simple. A few days later the cartridges arrive at your house, you install them… And print! It is quite a comfortable system. because the printer itself is in charge of being attentive to the ink levels and automatically ordering cartridges sufficiently in advance so that you do not run out of ink at the worst moment.

I’ve been calculating and with the 50-page plan you pay €26 per year. To print the same amount with normal cartridges you would need to buy a couple of packs of black + color that would cost me more than €70. And we are talking about the most basic plan, if one of the mass printing plans is used, the savings are more than considerable.

Regarding the plans, and this is what I like the most about the program, is that you can switch from one to another every month depending on the printing needs you have. And if you do not need to print for a while because, for example, you are going on vacation you can unsubscribe and pay nothing and sign up again when you need it. As you can see, there is total flexibility both to change plans and to temporarily unsubscribe. Oh, and the pages that you don’t use during a month are saved for the next.

To finish, let me tell you that the cartridges come with a little envelope so that when they run out you can put them inside and deposit them in a post office mailbox. They will send them to France and there will be very smart people will take care of recycling because as I suppose you already know, ink cartridges are highly polluting and cannot be disposed of anywhere.

I hope you are encouraged to try the Instant Ink program. I recommend it for its comfort, flexibility, but above all for the great savings you can get thanks to him.”

This user highlights almost all the key values ​​of HP Instant Ink, and perfectly explains the savings that we can achieve thanks to its billing model based on printed pages.

you can find more reviews from real users of HP Instant Ink by following this link.

What do I need to sign up for this service?

  • An e-mail address.
  • An internet connection.
  • A valid payment method.
  • A compatible printer.

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