HP introduces the new HP PageWide C550 Press

The firm HP has presented the HP PageWide C550, a press designed specifically for work with corrugated cardboard packaging that is capable of working at high speed, and with a single pass. These keys already allow us to get an idea of ​​the value it offers, and of all that it can give of itself in a professional environment thanks to specialization.

According to HP, the HP PageWide C550 can significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiency in corrugated packaging production. This model uses the HP thermal inkjet technology and water-based inks to deliver consistent print quality at faster speeds, while still supporting the circular economy of packaging converters.

This printer is capable of reaching a speed of 90 linear meters per minute, which translates, as we anticipate, into a high level of performance that will help us to optimize production cycles, reduce delivery times and avoid delays. These values ​​make it an interesting option to improve the work capacity of any company dedicated to this sector.

The HP PageWide C550 also contributes to reduce printing costs. According to David Tomer, general manager of HP corrugated postprint solutions:

“HP continues its investment in the packaging market to create new opportunities for packaging converters and brands to benefit from the analog to digital transformation. Building on the proven success of the C500 press, we are delighted to offer the C550 press to the corrugated industry as it enables converters produce flexo and litho boxes economically at high speeds without slowing down the press. We are constantly working on innovative solutions that not only improve post-press stability and converter productivity, but also meet the quality and flexibility demands that brands have for packaging.”

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HP recently collaborated with HYBRID Software on the developing a prepress workflow for packaging, all in order to facilitate the transition of artwork from lithographic and flexographic formats. HYBRID PackZ offers a unique combination of automated actions and dedicated prepress tools, and the professional PDF editor it prepares the designs for any printing process, allowing priming and finishing separation improvements and preparing it to carry out any type of printing.

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