HP renews its ranges of desktops and All-in-one for hybrid work

Telecommuting is here to stay. Whether totally or partially, working from home is no longer a taboo in many companies, which now have to provide their employees with everything they need to be able to do their work from home. At least for several days a week. For this reason, many computer manufacturers and suppliers have adapted their novelties in equipment and peripherals to the new work reality, which adds remote and hybrid work to face-to-face work as scenarios in which a worker can carry out their tasks. What hpwhich just a few days after introducing a new range of notebooks for education, the ProBook Fortis, has unveiled new desktops and all-in-one designed for hybrid work.

In total there are two All-in-one and eight desktop computers and workstations. The new “all-in-one” equipment that the company has presented are the HP Presence AiO Conferencing PC and the EliteOne 800 G9 AiO Desktop PC. The first, which incorporates the Zoom Rooms videoconferencing system, has a 23.8-inch FHD or 27-inch QHD screen. In both cases it incorporates a 12th generation Intel Core i5 processor. It has an integrated Intel UHD card and 236 RAM.

The second all-in-one computer announced offers three screen options: 23.8-inch FHD; and 27 inches, to choose from with QHD or FHD quality. It will also have a 12th generation Intel CPU and integrated graphics, which can be exchanged for a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. Both teams will have a 16 Megapixel webcam with HP Presence functions, such as Auto Frame. They will also have optional wireless charging bases, and the HP Quick Drop system to be able to pair the computer with the mobile to access your files and photos.

New HP Elite Line Desktop PCs

In addition to the two All-in-one computers mentioned, HP has introduced several desktop computer models from its Elite family. The first is the Elite Mini 800 G9, a small computer, with a CPU size similar to that of a book. Created to be easy to transport from the office to home in almost any backpack, it is also ready to mount on the back of some HP monitor models.

It can be purchased with various 12th generation Intel processor models, from Core i3 to Core i9 chips. You can mount up to 64GB of RAM and connect to up to 10 monitors. It has an integrated graphics card, although it can be optionally replaced by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050.

HP has also announced the Elite SFF 800 G9, with a smaller size still for being considered a small format computer. He too Elite Tower 800 G8the range Elite 600 G9 Desktop and the family Pro 400 G9 Desktop. The Elite 600 G9 also has the same reduced format as the 800 G9 range, and like the rest of the announced news, it has a 12th generation Intel Core processor.

Aside from these new HP Elite desktop models, the company has also confirmed the upcoming release of new Z-range desktops, which the company appears to place within its entry-level workstations. Thus, it refers to them as professional performance equipment at an affordable price, without offering many more details about them: the Z2 SFF G9 and the Z1 Tower G9. Both incorporate 12th generation Intel Core processors from the K family, as well as professional Nvidia RTX graphics. Alongside these systems, HP has announced an even lower-end workstation, calling it “the most affordable entry-level desktop workstation”: the Z1 Tower G9.

For now there are no details about the starting prices of these teams, of which most will be available for the month of March, and the HP Elite Tower 800 G9 will arrive at the end of February. However, two of them, the All-in-one HP EliteOne 800 G9 Desktop PC and the HP Pro 400 G9 Desktop PC, will not arrive until next May.

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