HP Wolf Pro Security: Comprehensive security for the business

Security is only truly effective if it is conceived holistically. A single link in the chain that is not up to par compromises the system as a whole. And yet, despite the fact that this mantra is present in the world of cybersecurity, there are still many solutions that are not conceived as part of a whole, in a holistic way and that, therefore, leave loopholes open for cybercriminals.

Aware of this problem, and that the concept of cybersecurity tends to focus on software, HP launches HP Wolf Pro Securitya complete platform of embedded security solutions, from its design phase on the hardware itself (from PCs to printers) and that expands exponentially with the set of services and software solutions integrated into the platform’s portfolio, which in this way it offers comprehensive protection.

In this whitepaper we tell you what HP Wolf Pro Security consists of and what advantages it brings to your company, such as starting from a “zero trust” approach, taking advantage of technologies such as firmware self-healing, the in-memory threat detection, or the use of cloud-based intelligence, to reduce the complexity and attack surface facing IT departments today. Some of its most outstanding features are:

  • Cloud-based controller: a single command center to manage the security of your entire fleet of equipment.
  • Ready-to-use preconfigured policies: allow for rapid implementation.
  • Constant security alerts: that allow users to be aware when malicious activity is taking place.

In addition to explaining all these features and how your employees can benefit from one of the easiest-to-use security solutions on the market, this white paper also tells you what value a partner like Bechtle can offer you when integrating it into your organization.

In this sense, it is worth noting that Bechtle has personnel specifically dedicated to the implementation and management of the solutions that are included within HP Wolf Pro Security. Specialists who analyze the client’s needs, align them with the protection of all their devices and complement them with a perimeter security service layer.

To find out everything that HP Wolf Pro Security can do for your company and how Bechtle can become your best ally, don’t miss this document. Download it now!

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