HP Wolf Security, the comprehensive security solution for companies in the age of telecommuting

HP Wolf Security is the comprehensive security solution for companies in the age of teleworking, and the pandemic has brought changes in many aspects of life and teleworking has been one of them.

There have been many employees who have resumed their activity from home and there are and will continue to be many who continue to do so, given that the health situation improves much more slowly than we would all like, but also because this formula has its advantages and to a greater or lesser extent, it is here to stay.

Teleworking has its advantages, yes: it hinders the problems derived from contagions and face-to-face contact, it allows the employee to improve their work-life balance by better managing their working hours, often with an increase in productivity that has been echoed by many studies … But teleworking also has its drawbacks, and one of the most severe and potentially damaging for the company, is related to security.

HP Wolf Security was born to meet this need from all possible sides, which are quite a few, although it is not a new phenomenon per se. In fact, those responsible for security and, in general, members of the IT team of any company, have already dealt with a similar trance before: the one known as BYOD. bring your own device, a company policy that allows and even encourages the use of personal devices in the workplace.

BYOD also had its own advantages and disadvantages, and among the latter, security stood out, as already anticipated. How safe are the personal devices of employees, as well as the practices they exercise, to manage employment information? Teleworking has increased the risk, since the employee’s framework of action is limited to his own personal environment and the unknowns regarding the safety of this are multiple.

From a security point of view, ask yourself:

  • Are the device or devices connected to the Internet that the employee uses to work from home safe enough?
  • Does the employee apply the scrupulous security practices that the company imposes in the workplace both in terms of access protection and data protection, exposure or any other type?

The truth is that they are questions that will not only tend to be answered in the negative, but they are incomplete questions to understand the real exposure situation that teleworking represents in certain contexts. Starting with the very network to which it is connected to work, and which is most likely being shared with other members of the family who in no case will pay the same interest to the safety of their environment.

The most important thing, however, is whether the employee, even the one who has the best disposition and knowledge to do everything right, also has the means provided by the company to ensure the work environment. The answer is, again and in all probability, negative. This is why comprehensive security solutions like HP Wolf Security are becoming increasingly popular with companies of all sizes.

HP Wolf Security

HP Wolf Security has reinvented the BYOD phenomenon from a perspective focused on user productivity and security and has done so … discarding the premise or turning it upside down, whichever you prefer. If the risk begins with the device itself, that is where the solution begins too: providing the employee with a device with which to work with all the security with which they would in the traditional work environment.

HP Wolf Security, therefore, starts with the device, which can be a computer or a printer, both from a well-known and well-valued brand such as HP. Productivity is therefore assured. Where is the plus of Wolf Secutiry? On the device itself, yes, and it is that HP Wolf Security devices have protection built into the hardware of the device as the first line of defense against any attack.

But the security systems implemented in HP Wolf Security devices are not alone: ​​they are constantly supported by security services that facilitate tasks such as protection against malware-based and vector-based attacks such as the web browser, or file quarantine. potentially harmful, all automatically and without user intervention, thus improving efficiency and reducing the vulnerability of the environment.

HP Wolf Security integrated services include different protection features, such as a antiphishing engine capable of preventing navigation through fraudulent sites that attempt to record user information such as access credentials for the spoofed site. The ability of HP Wolf Security to offer such a degree of defense is based on powerful artificial intelligence systems managed by the company’s experts so, it must be repeated, everything works without user intervention.

HP Wolf Security

However, HP Wolf Security has been designed to adapt to the needs of each company, which depends a lot on the size of the company.

Thus, the large company that has specialized IT equipment and has implemented its own security solutions will find in HP Wolf Enteprise Security your best ally. HP Wolf Enterprise Security adapts to existing infrastructure and procedures, providing all protection through the device. Among its most important functions is HP Sure Click Enterprise, thanks to which everything that is executed from outside the system, including files, applications and even web pages, does so within virtual micro-machines, thus preventing any possible risk.

On the contrary, for those companies with overloaded IT teams or without the necessary resources to respond with total solvency to the challenges posed by teleworking, HP Wolf Pro is the answer. With HP Wolf Pro, the security of devices and services is managed directly by HP, thus offering the highest degree of protection with which to counteract any contingency that may arise, including unknown and zero-day attacks, outside the scope of a traditional antivirus, as well as other additional services.

Stay ahead of the future and discover what HP Wolf Security can do for your business security in the days of telecommuting and beyond.

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