HP Z6 G5 A, a workstation with Threadripper 7000 CPU and RTX 6000 GPU

HP Z6 G5 A is the new professional workstation from the American giant. A cutting-edge workstation in desktop format, which has been specifically designed to meet today’s complex workflows and the demanding needs of virtual production, 3D rendering, artificial intelligence or machine learning professionals.

The presentation of the Threadripper 7000, a unique event held at AMD’s offices in Austin and which we had the opportunity to attend in person, has had the pertinent response from its partners, with announcements of new solutions from HP, Lenovo, Dell and Supermicro , and those of around twenty regional partners.

HP Z6 G5 A

The first to arrive is a truly impressive machine, which of course uses Threadripper 7000 processors (PRO WX-Series version), but also other high-level components. To start, you have the most processing cores ever in a Z by HP workstationwith 96 cores, all the technologies added at the management and security level, as well as the ability to equip GPUs, memory and storage around it to solve any scenario.

The HP Z6 G5 A is offered in a generously sized tower in order to meet future expansion needs and, as an example, can equip up to three RTX 6000 Ada Generation, the NVIDIA professional dedicated graphics that combine third generation RT cores, fourth generation Tensor Cores and CUDA cores with 48 GB of memory to offer truly spectacular graphics, rendering and AI performance and on par with what the Threadripper 7000 needs.

HP Z6 G5 A

Storage options are as flexible as you’d expect in a workstation, with hot-swappable NVMe solid-state drives on the front of the tower for quick and easy access. It has 6 PCIe 5.0 and 4.0 slots to install up to 12 SSDand the same can be said about RAM, as much as you need.

HP has taken the opportunity to redesign the interior of the tower and the cooling system, with the aim of increase airflow and control temperatures even at maximum power. And also control the noise emitted, as the intelligent fan control adjusts speeds in real time using more than 20 temperature sensors, to keep operation as quiet as possible. In terms of resistance, the manufacturer has subjected the equipment to 360,000 hours of rigorous testing and the demanding MIL-STD.

In terms of software, the machine has certification for professional applications and its own solutions such as HP Anyware enabling a low-latency, color-accurate experience for 3D VFX, AI, and machine learning workflows under different network connections. Its remote system controller allows IT administrators to monitor and manage fleets of workstations. Another notable service comes from Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager, which streamlines access to the best open source software solutions in an easy-to-use platform for data scientists and AI creators. The device is compatible with WSL2 for Linux use within Windows.

HP Z6 G5 A will be available starting November 2023 in selected regions. We expect other Threadripper 7000 machines from Lenovo and Dell.

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