HPE advances a decade its goal of achieving zero emissions

HPE has presented the your fiscal year 2021 edition of your Living Progress report. This is the seventh time the company has published this report, and it shows the progress it is making to become a net zero emissions company throughout its value chain. Until this year, it had set the date to achieve this goal in 2050, but it has managed to advance it ten years, and now HPE says he will get it in 2040.

This progress is supported by a new set of targets in line with the priority of stabilizing global warming at 1.5 degrees, and approved by the Science-based Target Initiative. HPE further commits to reduce net emissions from its operations by 70% from the 2020 level. In addition, HPE will reduce scope 3 emissions by 42% by increasing product lifecycle, improving efficiency in its transport and distribution and will work on direct emissions from the supply chain. By 2040, HPE wants to reduce its entire global footprint by 90%.

To advance its commitment to achieve this emissions reduction by 2040, HPE has announced the launch of two initiatives. With the first, in 2022 all the company’s vice presidents and senior positions will carry out a mandatory climate training program to train them to create action plans that mitigate climate impact. Additionally, HPE has adopted a new compensation metric for its Executive Committee members, which links a portion of their variable compensation to HPE’s management of carbon emissions in its value chain.

HPE’s move to an “as-a-service” consumption model for its products is also driving sustainable transformation among its customers. On the other hand, 85% of the three million technological assets that it receives from its clients are reused. To help measure and manage its impact, HPE Financial Services customers, and now selected partner customers, can receive a report on how HP has managed its IT assets in the circular economy. The report details how the assets have been processed and the environmental savings associated with those services.

In addition to advancing its environmental goals, HPE is also moving forward in achieving its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. In 2021, the company met its annual goal of improving representation of female and ethnically diverse talent. In 2021, the number of women in the workforce increased by 1% compared to 2020. In addition, the company managed to increase female representation at all levels and worldwide.

In 2022 HPE also continues to make progress towards ending the pay gap that can affect women and underrepresented minorities. So far, it has already achieved pay parity between women and men in the US, UK and India, taking into account job title, seniority, experience and location. In the United States, he has also won equal pay for underrepresented minorities. The company is committed to guaranteeing the same level of progress in the rest of the countries in which it has a presence as progress is made in terms of salary revision.

HPE also cares about the security of its products, which it shows by offering the most advanced encryption for server platforms: Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA). In addition, in 2021 it presented the Aurora project, which offers cloud-native and zero-trust security to its edge-to-cloud architecture.

Also in 2021, the company presented its Ethical AI Principles, to support the development, deployment and responsible use of AI. And by 2030, the company aims for all of its HPE suppliers to be committed to the Employer Pays Principle, for all of its major suppliers to train their workers on human rights, and for all Tier 1 and Tier 2 vendors to have effective employee complaint processes. employees.

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