HPE celebrates its GreenLake Day in Madrid

H.P.E. has celebrated today in Madrid its Green Lake Dayan event where, supported by Intelhas revealed to partners and customers the strategy followed by the GreenLake platform to help organizations modernize their businesses with a data-first approach, as well as complete their hybrid cloud strategies and implement in their infrastructures security, AI at scale, sustainability and data governance.

has opened the day Jose Antonio CanoDirector of Analysis and Consulting at IDC, which has recognized that the demand for IT solutions has slowed in recent months due to problems such as high inflation, the war in Ukraine, energy shortages and supply chain difficulties. Now, organizations seek, more than ever, to make efficient investments and to achieve this, most have their sights set on hybrid environments.

In fact, by 2025 IDC expects that a third of all company workloads will be in the cloud, with great growth in areas such as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, but also 72% of IT managers interviewed by IDC do not they only confirm the importance of the cloud, specifically they talk about multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud consolidation.

Next, Alfredo Yepezrecently interviewed by MCPRO, Vice President for Latin America and Southern Europe at HPE and President and General Manager of HPE Spain, has broken down the three pillars of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s strategy, which are: sustainability, data-first and hybrid cloud adoption.

Sustainability, according to Alfredo Yepez, is achieved “by managing data efficiently, having a comprehensive version of our organization’s IT infrastructure, knowing who and what consumes IT resources, which must also be able to be relocated dynamically, as well as as understanding the principles of the circular economy, which advocates extending the life of the components.

Regarding the data-first strategy, Alfredo Yepez is convinced that “at some point the data will become something like an accounting report on the financial numbers of companies due to the value they will have.” The comprehensive data management that the GreenLake platform does, from ingestion (storage), data analysis, disaster recovery strategies and backup, allows organizations to base their competitive advantage on the use they make of this data. .

Lastly, Alfredo Yepez spoke about the adoption of the hybrid cloud and the advantages that the HPE GreenLake platform brings in a hybrid world. It is estimated that hybrid cloud adoption is 50% and that in two or three years it will reach 70%, which is why HPE’s strategy favors working in multi-cloud environments, data management in an automated and secure manner, and all this supported by all kinds of services.

Partners and customers who have attended HPE GreenLake Day have also enjoyed live demos of what the GreenLake platform has to offer, as well as two panel discussions where Ibermática, normonthe Valencian generalitat and the El Corte Inglés Travel Group have shared their experience with HPE GreenLake with everyone.

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