HPE GreenLake expands its cloud services and enhances its partner ecosystem

HPE today announced several news for its hybrid cloud platform HPE GreenLake, designed to offer its customers the systems and tools to modernize applications and data, both at the edge and in the cloud. From its headquarters in Houston, Texas, the CEO and President of the company, Antonio Neri, has been in charge of giving its main brushstrokes. Among these novelties there is a unification of the operating experience and new cloud services. In addition, GreenLake will be available on the online marketplaces of various distributors, including Ingram Micro, ALSO, Tech Data, Synnex and Arrow.

Furthermore, HPE has reached an agreement with Digital Realty to offer its clients the possibility of having a model for renting space in third-party data centers, and hosting and managing cloud services in Digital Realty’s facilities.

The company is also going to enhance its hybrid offering with Microsoft, thanks to the launch of HPE GreenLake for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI as an integrated system. In this way, customers will have a pre-designed and configured offer to accelerate their deployment. It is a cloud service that allows users to run Windows and Linux virtual machines in a hybrid cloud environment, on premises and at the edge, and that takes advantage of Microsoft Azure tools and services with a preconfigured and pay-per-use service. from HPE GreenLake.

HPE GreenLake, which supports multicloud experiences ranging from on-premises and edge clouds to those hosted on third-party systems or in a public cloud, will now be converged with Aruba Central. This is a cloud-native, AI-powered network management solution. Thanks to this, Aruba’s more than 120,000 network customers will be able to use the HPE GreenLake platform to order services on demand, as well as to manage their assets.

In addition, HPE GreenLake will have a unified operating experience, which will allow its customers to have a simplified view of their operations and the possibility of accessing all cloud services from the entire HPE portfolio with a single identification process that will also give them security, regulatory compliance, elasticity and data protection.

The HPE GreenLake Platform provides the foundation for its customers to access more than 50 cloud services, such as electronic health records, MLOps, payments, unified analytics, and SAP HANA, in addition to various cloud services from its partners. Starting today, they have access to a dozen more cloud services, focused on networking, data services, high-performance computing, and computing operations management.

HPE GreenLake for Aruba networking

At the center of this announcement of new services is HPE GreenLake for Aruba networkingmeaning that HPE has developed a network-as-a-service offering (NaaS, Network as a Service). This offer is made up of eight new services focused on simplifying the process of obtaining and deploying NaaS, as well as allowing customers to adjust network spending with usage needs. All while ensuring that the network is always ready to support the needs of the company or department at all times.

These services are also optimized for partners who want to meet their customers’ demand for NaaS, so they can use a reseller or managed service provider model. They cover all kinds of customer use cases, including wired, wireless, and SD Branch type networks.

HPE GreenLake for Block Storage

HPE GreenLake data services also have new features, primarily focused on block storage and data protection. HPE GreenLake for Block Storage is a block storage service as a service that offers a 100% data availability guarantee integrated into a cloud operational model. Its purpose is to help businesses streamline their transition, as well as bring self-service agility to critical business applications.

Offers self-service provisioning to give line-of-business managers and database administrators the agility to develop and deploy new applications, services, and projects; and to make it faster. In addition, it allows IT resources to be freed up to work on higher value strategic initiatives, with an estimated operating time savings of 98%.

Green Lake Backup and Recovery

Another new HPE GreenLake service is HPE Backup and Recovery, which as its name suggests, is a data backup and recovery service developed for the hybrid cloud. With it, customers can protect their data for virtual machines, achieve fast on-premises recovery, and have a cost-efficient approach to long-term backup storage in the public cloud. It is now available for virtual machines deployed on heterogeneous infrastructure.

Additionally, with the Backup and Recovery service, HPE is advancing its ransomware recovery solutions by adding immutable copies of data, both on-premises and on AWS.

HPE GreenLake for High Performance Computing

HPE will also enhance its offering of GreenLake for High Performance Computing (HPC), with the aim that any company that wants to can adopt this technology by adding new functions developed specifically for HPC. These new capabilities quickly tackle the most demanding compute and data workloads, drive machine learning and AI initiatives, and accelerate time to value. They also include base configurations of 10 HPC nodes, for testing workloads and scaling as needed.

Among the new capabilities is the extension of GPU capabilities, which will be integrated with the HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System to accelerate computing and advance data-intensive projects using Nvidia’s A100, A40 and A30 Tensor Core GPUs, configured in boosts of 2,4 and 8 accelerators In addition, the new service will feature Nvidia NVLink for a seamless high-speed connection between GPUs to work together as a single, robust accelerator.

is also among them HPE Slingshot, the only high-performance Ethernet network designed for HPC and AI solutions, delivering high-performance connectivity to meet the demands for higher speeds and congestion control of higher-intensity, data, and AI workloads . As to HPE Parallel File System Storageit is a scalable, high-performance storage solution that offers targeted access for needs related to Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing.

Lastly, it also offers Multicloud Connector APIs, which allow you to programmatically orchestrate high-performance computing workloads across a diverse pool of compute resources, such as other HPE GreenLake for HPC or for public clouds. The new model offers more elasticity, scalability and tools to optimize the use of disaggregated resources. Plus, it improves collaboration and breaks down silos by allowing you to connect to other projects across multiple sites.

GreenLake for Compute Ops Management

HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management, first introduced at HPE Discover 2021, is a cloud-native management console that enables you to access, monitor, and manage servers. It also easily automates server lifecycle management, securely, across a customer’s computing environment. Starting today, this cloud service is available for a 90-day trial period, and will be available as a paid service from June.

Compute Ops Management easily automates server lifecycle management instantly and securely across a customer’s computing environment. Today, the cloud service is open for a 90-day free trial and will be available for purchase in June 2022.

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