HPE GreenLake, TechData and the modernization of your company’s CPD

Although the public cloud has become a standard in the cloud world, today more than 70% of business applications and data remain on customer IT premises. This is due to reasons of security, performance, accessibility, access speed, regulatory complianceetc.

As explained Mario Lopez Gutierrez, HPE Indirect Sales Storage Business Development Manager, “Customers need an operational experience that makes it easy to manage their applications and data wherever they are, whether it’s in their own data center, shared locations, or at the Edge. In fact, 90% of IT managers say that a cloud operational experience in an on-premises environment is the most important step to eliminate this complexity.

To achieve this, the American multinational is betting heavily on HPE GreenLake, a hybrid cloud proposal, in which companies enjoy thes advantages of having a private cloudin a consumption model very similar to what can be found in a public cloud proposal.

Since its launch, HPE’s IT Consumption Platform as a Service makes it possible to avoid over-provisioning of infrastructure, while providing flexibility and scalability at the edge, data center and cloud. HPE GreenLake brings cloud expertise to data processing, making it easy to also meet business needs for compliance, security, and performance, without having to give up public cloud benefits.

Hand in hand with partners and channel partners such as TechData, HPE is also capable of bringing its clients and partners all kinds of professional services that allow them to provide differential value and that make it easier to start up any kind of digital transformation project, regardless of its complexity.

As also highlights Leonard Bad, AS Infrastructure Senior Manager of TechData, “HPE’s channel allows us to know from the initial stages of the project all the advantages and benefits that the new platform will bring us, so that we can be sure that it is the most appropriate for the process that is going to take place.” develop. Subsequently, it will allow us to have access to all the necessary training to be able to obtain from the new infrastructure all the power and performance that we expected from the beginning.”

At MCPRO we offer you a video interview in which both Mario López and Leonardo Malo tell us about all these advantages that companies that bet on HPE GreenLake have access to and the role played by the specialized channel, through partners such as Tech Data . Do not miss it!

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