HPE selects Taiwan as a global strategic hub for next-generation technology and supply chain

HPE has pointed to Taiwan What global strategic hub for technology which he has named «next generation“, as well as for the supply chain. For this reason, the company has made a new and strong investment in the country, covering both hardware design and the intelligent supply chain.

HPE has also made a hundred contracts for the laboratories they already have on the island, with the aim of boosting their ability to design servers and storage hardware. HPE plans to make Taiwan its largest hardware design center outside the United States, and to increase its workforce in the area by 30% over the next three years.

Therefore, it is more than likely that the company will invest several billion dollars in projects in Taiwan and also in making sure that its facilities have everything necessary to design and develop new products. Also for “focus on driving new innovations and products in leading market areas such as 5G, the edge, and high-performance computing«.

The company has named Taiwan a “Center of Excellence for Global Supply Chain,” although what this entails is unclear. HPE may have realized that it needs to develop many products in Taiwan, so it wants to ensure proximity to major suppliers.

The deal is significant enough that Taiwan’s senior politicians have praised HPE’s investment and future plans on the island. While, Jon Wang, Managing Director, HPE Taiwan, has recalled that «Taiwan plays a strategic role in facilitating critical supply chain needs, and our investment in this important market over the past 50 years has continued to expand due to its technology-focused economy, its ecosystem of experienced suppliers and its highly qualified staff«.

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