HPE would be interested in buying Nutanix

H.P.E. can be very interested in buying Nutanix. This is stated in The Register, where they point out that HPE has been holding intermittent conversations with the hyper-converged infrastructure provider for several months with a view to a possible purchase operation. Apparently there are rumors on Wall Street since October that Nutanix is ​​considering its sale.

However, since its market capitalization fell to 3.1 billion dollars in the summer, which undoubtedly increased interest in its purchase, Nutanix’s financial situation has been improving steadily. Of course, in its fiscal year 2022 its losses net are 798 million dollars.

In what is already the first quarter of its fiscal 2023 year, Nutanix appears to have reined in its losses, turning the tables and pushing its market capitalization to $6.24 billion at the same time. In fact, if it continues like this, it is more than possible that they will pay off before the end of 2022.

Given the panorama, one wonders what HPE might want from Nutanix if it decides to buy it. One possibility is the integration of its storage and virtualization services and technologies into the HPE GreenLake Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) platform.

Of course, it may be that at HPE they are not the only ones interested in the company. First, because what it might cost to buy it, in principle, is only within the reach of one of the main cloud providers. That is, Amazon, Google or Microsoft. Any of these three would use the company’s software areas for quick sales to their hybrid cloud customers. But those same qualities that make Nutanix storage and virtualization suite attractive for cloud providers they have the same effect for HPE and its GreenLake software strategy.

Introduced in 2018, GreenLake was HPE’s commitment to bring the pay-as-you-go model from the cloud to local data centers. In 2019, HPE announced plans to bring its entire portfolio of products and services under the GreenLake umbrella. But unlike rival XaaS providers, such as Lenovo with TruScale, HPE has leaned heavily on software to sell its GreenLake vision, developing a cloud-like control plane—and its own.

Over the past few years, the company has been releasing more additional features from time to time. Among them Kubernetes, block storage and operations management. Despite this, HPE is having some difficulty attracting its 80,000+ partners to the model, and may see Nutanix as a way to attract more customers to its platform.

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