HP’s new Omen 45L PC revolutionizes ventilation

HP introduces an innovative cooling system with its new Omen 45L PC for the most greedy gamers.

Good ventilation is essential when you spend several hours playing on your PC and want to avoid overheating, and by extension, possible breakdowns, crashes and lags. For this, HP presented at CES 2022, a brand new PC model, the Omen 45L model, bringing with it cooling technology never seen before by other brands. This is a cooling chamber, also called a Cryo chamber.

This is located just at the top of the main tower, and can also be used as a handle to carry the machine. Concretely, this means that the cooling system is physically separated from the main chamber, where the temperature is by definition higher.

This allows the All-in-One Liquid Cooling Unit (AiO) to have access to much cooler air, and therefore cool the system much more efficiently. According to the brand, this allows the tower to cool an additional 6 ° C compared to a similar model that would not have this cooling chamber.

A war machine ready for battle … and already broken

Apart from this revolutionary technique, which we would have liked to see at work, the PC remains a war machine intended for the most passionate gamers. The tower itself more or less resembles the brand’s 40L model, although this new version is more imposing. In total, the tower is over 55 cm high, so it is not discreet.

Inside, there is an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor, 16 GB HyperX RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card. Everything comes with Windows 11, 1 TB of SSD storage and a multitude of connections. There are two SuperSpeed ​​USB-A ports, two other USB-A 2.0 ports on the front, and finally two SuperSpeed ​​USB C ports (10 Gbit / s and 5 Gbit / s), as well as two SuperSpeed ​​USB-A ports ( 10 Gbit / s and 5 Gbit / s), one audio input and one audio output, and one RJ-45 port on the back.

There is also an HDMI 2.0 port, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, all for nearly 22 kg on the scale. A monster of power, which comes in several versions, always more efficient. Unfortunately, the machine is already out of stock, even though it was not launched until January 5. When the shelves are restocked, then you can find the Omen 45L model starting at € 1,899 and going up to € 3,999.

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