HTC introduced Viverse – its vision of the metaverse and virtual reality

The big tech giant HTC’s VR strategy has now been revealed to go far beyond using mere “car” rides as theme parks. The fact is that the company has finally outlined the Viverse, its own vision of the metaverse. Moreover, the company also promises to protect children from the harmful effects of virtual dangers in the development process.

And going into details, Viverse is not so much a holistic space as an “open ecosystem” that combines several platforms at once. That is, within the framework of this project, you will be able to communicate in VRChat, hold business meetings in Engage, collaborate in Vive Sync, and also relax at “holographic” concerts in Beatday. HTC’s concept video of everyday life suggests that the Viverse will also be full of many “metaverse fashion trends.” You will train with fitness data through augmented reality, buy wine at a virtual tasting with cryptocurrency, and even be able to view “works of art in the form of NFTs.”

However, as profile publication UploadVR explains, HTC’s latest teaser is a very unusual combination of real products with “purely imaginary scenarios”, and so far there is no practical way to connect them all. The company is also optimistic about the introduction of this technology into people’s daily lives, because in this virtual world there will be no negative reaction to NFT or legal problems with cryptocurrency. Also the parental controls that the manufacturer is working on can be more valuable than meets the eye. HTC introduces the Vive Guardian app to protect the privacy and safety of children and interested adults in VR spaces.

Free Mode allows you to grant access to certain apps and content that children can explore on their own terms. However, parents will also be able to select Broadcast, which will allow them to limit young people to certain options, such as apps and TV shows that are streamed from the companion app on your Android phone or tablet. You can see what your kids are using and they will need permission to download content or make purchases. The Vive Guardian will be available on Google Play and Viveport, though it’s not available there yet.

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