Huawei Mate Xs 2: the next foldable smartphone will be overpriced

The first information about the Mate Xs 2, Huawei’s next foldable smartphone, is starting to leak on the web. While we await its official presentation on April 28, the renowned analyst Ross Young announces a particularly high starting price, around 2500 dollars.

Credits: Huawei Mate Xs

As you may know, Huawei is due to present its fourth foldable smartphone on April 28, 2022namely the Huawei Mate Xs 2. After having offered a competitor of choice to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 with the Mate X2, the Chinese brand therefore wants to rub shoulders with Samsung again with this Mate Xs 2.

For the moment, very little information has filtered on the next foldable smartphone from the Shenzhen firm. Nevertheless, some insiders and reputable analysts are beginning to slowly reveal information about the device. This is particularly the case of Ross Young, a well-known analyst in the field of screens. According to recent statements, the Huawei Mate Xs 2 could cost a small fortunewith a starting price set around $2500.

huawei mate xs 2
Credits: Huawei

A particularly high price for the Huawei Mate Xs 2

Needless to say, this is a particularly high price, especially compared to what the competition offers, Samsung in the lead. Indeed, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is offered at 1799 dollars in the United States, or at 1599 € in France in its 256 GB/12 GB RAM version. However, it should be remembered that the Mate Xs 2 is currently reserved for the Chinese market. Impossible to know if the manufacturer intends to offer it in other territories at the present time.

If this price list is confirmed by Huawei, it will indicate that the manufacturer has decided to opt for a completely different strategy from that adopted by Samsung. Indeed, the manufacturer is preparing to lower the prices of the next Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, in particular by doubling the production of future foldable smartphones. We owe this information again to Ross Young.

Regarding this time the characteristics of the Mate Xs 2, the analyst claims that the device would be equipped with a panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. No LTPO screen, however, according to him. As usual, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, even if Ross Young’s reputation is second to none. Either way, we’ll learn more about the Mate Xs 2 this April 28, 2022.

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