Huawei Sound, this is the new compact speaker with 55W of 360 sound

Huawei brings to Spain the little brother of its Huawei speaker Sound X that he already presented last year. It is the Huawei Sound, to dry, and it has some notable differences with respect to its older brother. It maintains the sound of 360 degrees of high fidelity or Hi-Fi , but also opts for a smaller body and, also importantly, portable thanks to a battery. It has less sound power but it has other interesting possibilities that we tell you here.

4 drivers signed by Devialet

This time it is again Devialet who signs the development of the drivers and sound components of this Huawei speaker. A French company focused on hi-fi that has developed a 360-degree sound system for this device. It consists of a 40-watt power subwoofer with which to achieve deep and full bass, and three tweeters of 5 watts each to focus on reproducing sharp midrange and treble sounds. All this configured in such a way that it does not matter where or how you place the speaker. The sound is distributed throughout the room in a balanced way to get the best sound from anywhere. Something in which the two passive resonators Devialet SAM that are integrated in inside.

The interesting thing is that, along with the hardware, Huawei and Devialet have also included the system Devialet Space Soundstage , which is not present on the Huawei Sound X. It consists of generating the sensation of surround sound or of cinema but with a single speaker in the living room or room where you are. In this way, that sensation of space and sound that travels from one side to another is generated to represent distances and spaces during viewing of films, series and others.

Along with this, in addition, it arrives with three Playback modes plus to equalize the sound and improve the reproduction of talks, programs like podcasts or lyric songs focused on the voice, a low mode to enhance this component and a Hi-Fi mode to define the overall sound and achieve that high fidelity.

Easy to connect and use

The Huawei Sound comes with touch control on top and various connections to enhance your options. You can connect via WiFi, via Bluetooth 5.0 and via UPnP to take advantage from your mobile, your television or some other tool. Although the NPC connectivity is also interesting with which to simply touch your mobile and create this link instantly.

You will be surprised by the power of this new speaker from Huawei and Devialet

Unlike Huawei Sound X, this little brother does include connection via mini jack of 3 , 5mm , so it is a good choice for listening with headphones.

The Huawei Sound is now available in Spain for a price of 180 euros . It lands with a promotion that adds a discount of 30 euros and 3 months of free subscription to Huawei Music. It comes in a single black color with a compact body of 186.7 x 147 millimeters and a weight of 2.2kg.

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