Huawei Watch D: blood pressure monitor, ECG, thermometer … here is the ultra complete rival of the Galaxy Watch 4

At its big end-of-year conference, Huawei presented several products, including a new connected watch. It is called Watch D. It largely takes the design of the Watch Fit. And it is the first smartwatch from the Chinese firm to carry an ECG and a blood pressure sensor. It will thus compete directly with the Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung.

Huawei was organizing early this morning a big conference. Several products were presented, including the P50 Pocket, a smartphone with a foldable screen that takes the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3. Among the other announcements, we find connected glasses minimalist used to interact with a voice assistant, a variation ofHarmonyOS for cars, a new MateBook with a 14-inch screen or even… a connected watch.

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The latter is called Huawei watch d. It does not take the design of the brand’s more classic circular watches, such as the Watch 3 or the Watch GT. This smartwatch looks more like Watch Fit for example. And some might even compare it to the Apple Watch, which has a rectangular screen as well. That of the Watch D measures 1.64 inches. The panel is AMOLED. And the resolution is 326 pixels per inch.

huawei watch d

Watch D is Huawei’s first watch with ECG and blood pressure monitor

The Huawei Watch D is positioned as a quasi-medical product. The firm has integrated not only the usual oximeter (to measure the volume of oxygen in the blood) and heart rate monitor (to calculate the number of heartbeats per minute), but also a thermometer, a blood pressure monitor and one electrocardiogram (also called ECG). As a reminder, the tensiometer is used to calculate the arterial pressure and the ECG measures the electrical voltage of the heart. These are two tools that you usually find in a medical environment. Huawei has had its watch technologies certified by the Chinese health authority. Only Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, released this summer, offer the same biometric completeness.

huawei watch d

The blood pressure monitor works with the watch strap. From micro-pumps are integrated and inflate to tighten the wrist. Then sensors analyze the pressure generated by the pulsations of the veins. The pressure differences are used to measure the tension. The process resembles that of the device that you find at your general practitioner. This technology is very practical. But it also has an aesthetic drawback: the strap is integrated into the watch and is not interchangeable. Biometrics don’t rhyme with style.

Huawei Watch D: IP68 certification, 7-day battery life, aluminum case

The Watch D case is in aluminum and the back is in mineral glass. The watch is waterproof, of course (certification IP68). It weighs almost 41 grams. It comes in two colors: black and white. The box incorporates a battery whoseannounced autonomy is 7 days maximum. A value that depends on the number of ECG and blood pressure readings taken per day. Suffice to say that you will not be able to take your blood pressure continuously for 7 days without going through the recharge box.

For the rest, no big surprise. We find a closed operating system associated with an application to find on AppGallery. You will also find sleep monitoring, stress measurement and analysis of more than 70 sports activities. Huawei is also launching a “premium” and paid health service reserved for china.

huawei watch d

The price of the watch will be 2988 yuan, or a little over 400 euros, which is relatively expensive. It will be available on December 25th. For now, the watch will only be marketed in China. And that’s no surprise: Huawei will certainly need to get special permissions to activate the blood pressure monitor and ECG in countries where the company wants to launch this product. Because, without these biometric advantages, the Watch D loses much of its interest.

You can find below the replay of the conference broadcast on YouTube. To see the complete presentation of the connected watch, go to the 51st minute. And the duration of the presentation is about 10 minutes.

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