Huge discounts on keyboard, mouse and headphones from Trust

We have first of all Trust GXT 877 Scarr, a keyboard with mechanical switches and multi-mode lighting. Then we have the Trust GXT 138 X-Ray, a mouse with a fairly aggressive design, adjustable and with a good quality sensor. Finally, we have the headphones Trust GXT 433K Pylo, that stand out for their gray military camouflage design.

Trust GXT 877 Scarr with mechanical switches and lighting

We go first with a good quality gaming keyboard with a quite striking finish. this teclectic It is characterized by having a cover of brushed aluminum which gives it quality and robustness. The switches of this keyboard have a surface installation, which makes it easier to clean.

Trust’s keyboard makes use of linear mechanical switches, of which the manufacturer is not specified. According to the company, these switches offer up to 50 million keystrokes. Note that this type of mechanical switches are the most optimal for gaming and writing.

This keyboard has LED lighting in various colors with seven different modes. The keyboard allows you to switch between modes without the need for software and allows you to adjust the brightness.

This keyboard integrates the technologies anti-ghosting and n-key rollover, which guarantee that no keystroke is lost. This keyboard also includes interchangeable keycaps for the direction keys and for WASD. Something that allows us to more easily identify these keys. A key cap remover is included for faster keyboard cleaning.

A keyboard, this one from Trust, very interesting for those gaming fans who want a great keyboard at a reasonable price. It is a very good solution, with a high-quality design and finish.

Trust GXT 138 X-Ray, aggressive design mouse

This mouse is striking, at first glance, for its unconventional structure. This mouse looks more like a transform. This gaming mouse has a design that allows customization according to needs. Clearly focused on getting the best possible performance with a heavy dose of customization.

First of all, the high-quality optical sensor stands out, which allows adjustment of up to 4,000 DPI. As if that were not enough, this mouse offers us a tracking speed of 60 pps, which is very good.

Can personalize in this mouse via software, both the combination of keys and lighting. This mouse has an RGB lighting design that we can customize according to our interests. On the other hand, it has ten programmable buttons that we can adjust with the actions that we consider.

Undoubtedly a mouse with an aggressive design and that we can customize to taste. To be such an interesting mouse, its price is very well adjusted.

Trust GXT 433K Pylo Camo Headphones

The first thing that strikes you about these headphones is the custom Trust design. As we can see, they are fairly simple design headphones, but they have a finish of gray military camo. This gives them a distinctive and quite attractive touch.

Good gaming headphones must be comfortable and these undoubtedly do very well. The headband we can adjust it, thus adapting to all head sizes. The headband has a pad to offer the greatest possible comfort. The speakers also have adjustable foam pads for maximum comfort.

The cable of these headphones have a controller that allows us to raise and lower the volume and mute the microphone. Have a one meter long cable which is braided for a finer finish. It includes an extension cord of one more meter in case there is a distance from the PC.

Regarding the speakers, these are 50mm, which offer deep and clean bass. Do these headphones have a playback frequency of sound that goes between 20 Hz and 20 kHzwhich is the audible range for people.

These headphones are a fairly basic solution, but of good quality. One of the most interesting things, possibly, is its gray camo design.

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