Hugh Jackman anticipates the return in the role of Wolverine for the MCU on social networks?

It’s been more than three years since Hugh Jackman he retired from the role of Wolverine and, despite the avenches of Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and online petitions signed by hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, the chances of seeing him return as the Marvel hero (or the MCU) seemed slim.

At least until today.

Does Hugh Jackman anticipate his return as Wolverine to the MCU?

Through his official Instagram profile, the actor has in fact published a couple of stories that immediately made fans of the superhero prick up their ears. The first story is about artwork made by Boss Logic, showing Wolverine’s iconic adamantium claws, and soon after, Jackman posted a photograph with Marvel boss Kevin Feige.

Epic troll or a veiled announcement of his return as Wolverine?

The two images may in fact not be a confirmation of anything and, as someone pointed out, the photo with Feige dates back to 2013 (the two have been friends for some time).

While Jackman has claimed that his days as Wolverine are over since his character’s death in 2017’s Logan, the X-Men franchise isn’t going away anytime soon. Feige confirmed at SDCC 2019 that the X-Men would in fact be re-introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but, whether or not Jackman is involved in the project, this is not yet known.

What do you think? Is Hugh Jackman really anticipating his return as Wolverine to the MCU? Let us know via a comment below!


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