Humanoid robot Sophia becomes auction NFT

Sophia, the famous humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics, will become an NFT… And even an interactive NFT! A collection will be auctioned on Binance. A financial transaction, of course, but also a way of publicizing a technology rich in artificial intelligence.

It was in February 2016 that Sophia took her first steps. This humanoid robot, which runs on artificial intelligence, made headlines thanks to its prowess: she sang with Jimmy Fallon on one of his shows, and even obtained Saudi citizenship! The project had a huge impact, which Jeanne Lim, the former CEO of Hanson Robotics (originally from Sophia) wants to relaunch today with, of course, NFTs.

An NFT yes, but interactive

A virtual version of Sophia will be offered for auction on the Binance platform, in the form of 100 rather specific non-fungible tokens: they are indeed interactive NFTs. Future owners will therefore be able to interact with the NFT within a metaverse. It is the artist Pat Lee who will illustrate the collection of NFT Sophia. He notably worked for DC and Marvel on their main heroes.

This new form of Sophia was developed by beingAI, Lin’s new company, in collaboration with Alethea AI, which is developing a decentralized protocol to create an “intelligent” metaverse inhabited by interactive NFTs. A metaverse called quite simply “Noah’s Ark”… Quite a program!

The objective of the artificial intelligence developed for this interactive NFT is immense: “to help humans achieve our true nature of unconditional love”, nothing less! In the meantime, money is needed, hence this auction on Binance. The operation will start on December 16, based on 20 NFTs sold each day, it will end on December 21.

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