Humble Bundle publishes a spectacular pack to support Ukraine

It was about time that Humble Bundle joined so many other companies in the technology sector, and we all expected him to do it exactly this way. And it is that we already saw a similar action by at the beginning of last week, with a bundle made up of almost a thousand games, some of them especially remarkable, such as Celeste, Baba is You, Superhot, Jotun, Minit, 2064 Read Only Memories, Skatebird, and Towerfall Ascension, for a base price of just $10. An action that has been a huge success, with a final collection of 6,370,777.22 dollars. Yes, more than 6.3 million.

And it almost looks like the Humble Bundle they were waiting for the action to end to launch their ownwhich we can already find on its website, and which is once again a joint opportunity to support Ukraine after the unilateral declaration of war by Russia and, at the same time, fatten up your Steam account with a selection of titles that, personally When I saw it, it left me with my mouth open.

But before I talk about some of the games included in this special pack of the Humble Bundle in support of Ukraine, I want to mention an important nuance, and that is that in this case we will not only find games. Scrolling down its page, we see that when the games are over we will find rulebooks for role-playing games, graphic novels, guides and tutorials, applications, assets for content and video game creators, and even models for 3D printing. The list adds a total of 123 articles.

As for the games, in the end there are colors for tastes, but the selection made by Humble Bundle seems exceptionally complete. Obviously we will not find great recent releases, but yes, a very varied offerwith titles ranging from the Spyro trilogy for PC to Max Payne 3, passing through gems like Kerbal Space Program, Supraland, the classic Fable, Amnesia: Rebirth, Broken Age or, and I think the inclusion of this game in this pack was essential, This War of Mine, the game that every time I’ve played it has left me with a lump in my throat.

The minimum price to get the Humble Bundle to support Ukraine is 36.39 euros, although the donor classification is headed by two buyers, who would have disbursed $10,000 each. Now, at the time of writing this news (Friday night) the collection has already reached 1,318,427.53 euros, and there are still six days and many hours left until the end of the campaign, so Humble Bundle could even raise more than, which has already achieved an exceptional amount (and no, I’m not running this as a competition, and no one should).

An important aspect of this pack of Humble Bundle is that, as it happened with the one of Utch,io, 100% of the proceeds will be used for the purpose of the same, that is, neither the developers and creators of the content nor the platform will receive any income from the campaign. The money raised will be distributed among Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee (IRC), International Medical Corps and Direct Relief. And, although by default the amount of each purchase will be distributed evenly, users can modify said distribution.

What do you think? Are you considering getting this Ukraine Support Humble Bundle? Did you participate in the one?

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