Hummer EV: a monster battery!

A Hummer will remain a Hummer, whether electric or powered by fossil fuels. Which means it’s a big heavy vehicle, very heavy! The official figures attest to this.

General Motors launched its Hummer brand into the future, with an electric version simply dubbed the Hummer EV. This is also the only sober thing in this extraordinary vehicle, monster of the roads cut for adventure and off-road. The dimensions of the truck are such that other cars will let it pass without flinching: 5.5 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 2 meters high.

Tailored for off-piste

The engine, or should we rather say the engines since there can be up to three of them, is obviously to match: it develops 1,014 horsepower (746 kW), generating a torque of 15,592 Nm. The 0 to 100 km/h will be reached in 3 seconds, impressive for a vehicle of this stature. GM also revealed the weight of the beast, via documents provided to the US Environmental Protection Agency: just over 4.1 tons…

Electric vehicles are traditionally heavier than combustion models, due in particular to the weight of the battery. That of the Hummer EV is absolutely huge: 1.3 tons! It’s more than a whole Honda Civic, or a Ford Fiesta. Vehicle owners will need to be well supplied with electricity to refuel, and be patient to fully charge the Hummer.

In exchange for this, the announced autonomy is appreciable: 530 kilometers, not so bad for a truck of such weight. The Hummer EV, whose range was announced in October 2020, is scheduled to go on sale early this year. For the occasion, GM has invested $2.2 billion in the Detroit-based Factory Zero plant to produce the vehicle. Two variants were presented, a truck and an SUV.

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