Humor Amarillo will return in 2023 with a Prime Video production

Amazon is also pointing to nostalgia, and they have recently announced that in the next year 2023 we will have back Takeshi’s Castlethe mythical contest that we knew in Spain as yellow mood. The news is accompanied by new programs that are mainly focused on the Japanese public, which means that Prime Video wants to strive to be more relevant in that market during the next year.

Takeshi’s Castle will have a modern version on Prime Video

Amazon has managed to sign an agreement with Takeshi Kitanothe Japanese film director who in his youth gave life to ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, an entertainment program in which one hundred contestants had to pass different elimination tests to win a loot of one million yen.

original program aired in Japan between 1986 and 1989 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) channel. Subsequently, the program went through practically all the television stations in the world in the 90s, reaching more than 150 countries. In Spain, the rights were bought Telecincoand was released under the name yellow mood. It aired from the summer of 1990 to mid-1995. Humor Amarillo became a social phenomenon, especially due to its ability to Juan Herrera and Miguel Angel Coll of not limiting himself to dubbing the original program, but inventing practically all the dialogues, as well as adorning the contest with his own expressions, and jokes, creating a lore that lasted in Spain for a long time. The two managed to create mythical characters, such as Chino Cuideiro, who died in all the episodes in the style of Kenny from South Park. The dubbers always selected the contestant who gave himself the fattest punch of the entire program and gave him this stamp, making the viewer wait for this moment throughout the broadcast.

yellow mood burgers

Later, after the arrival of FourSogecable acquired the rights to the same program in 2006. On this occasion, the dubbing was carried out by Fernando Costilla and Paco Bravowho respected quite a few elements from the previous stage while adding their modern touch, creating characters like the Pinky-Winky (the Pirate Duo) or the legendary reporter Pepe Livingstone, who more than interviewing, what he did was recruit potential candidates to escort you to your caravan.

Can it or can’t it be done yellow mood Today?

takeshi's castle

Much has been said in recent years that Yellow Humor would be impossible to do today. Or rather, not the program, but the dubbing that we liked so much in Spain. That politically incorrect humor, added to the thin skin that many current generations have, could end up with the very canceled program from day one.

However, after successes like The Squid Gamevideo games like Fall Guysclearly inspired by Takeshi’s Castle, or the pressure that many are putting on Ramón García to resurrect The Grand Prix, another great program inspired by the same Kitano production, what is clear is that there are still people who want to see this type of contest with enthusiasm. What we do not know is if Amazon will allow the humorous dubbing and hooligan that caught on so much in Spain or if we will see a slightly more serious production. In any case, this reboot it is expected to reach the 240 countries where Amazon Prime Video is available at the moment.

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