Hunan’s New Apple Store to Open on September 4

Apple Changsha

At the end of August, we inform you of the upcoming opening of a new Apple Store China, in Changsha city (Hunan province), a new store that will not be the last since throughout this month, Apple plans to open another Apple Store, this time in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Through Apple’s website in China, Tim Cook’s company has officially announced the date on which Apple Changsha will open its doors. Will be next Saturday, September 4 at 10 in the morning, local time.

This new Apple Store is located in the well-known IFS shopping center of the city, a store that has double height and will offer all the features and services that Apple It regularly offers in all its stores around the world, including the Today at Apple in-person classes, classes that will begin the day after the opening.

On the Apple website of this new store, we can read:

From the inside entrance of the mall, customers will immediately encounter the Forum and the separate videowall, which hosts the Today at Apple sessions. Led by Apple’s creative professionals, free daily sessions provide creative inspiration, teach practical skills, and help customers learn to go further with their Apple products. To celebrate the grand opening, creative professionals will host the exclusive Today at Apple session “Art Walk: Discover the Colors of Changsha” starting on September 5, giving customers the opportunity to explore the city and capture its vibrant colors in the iPad Pro.

Manzana will require all clients to wear a face mask To access the interior, a mask that the store employees will also use. In addition, all customers will have their temperature measured before entering the store and they are kindly requested to maintain social distancing.

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