Huspy arrives in Spain and wants to hire 120 people this year

The multinational startup, dedicated to the home buying and selling sector, lands in our country with forecasts of creating more than 120 jobs by the end of the year. A few weeks ago, Huspy closed a Series A financing round of 34.9 million euros, much of it destined for Spain. The round was led by Sequoia Capital India, along with renowned investors such as Founders Fund, Fifth Wall, Venture Friends, Chimera Capital, Breyer Capital, COTU, Venture Souq and BY.

founded less than two years ago, this technology startup applied to the real estate sector is also backed by its international growth and sustained development. In the short period of its activity, the company has exceeded an annual turnover of two billion euros.

The proptech, based in Dubai, puts Spain in its sights as a priority market for its expansion in EMEA, where it plans to invest in technological development, strategic contracting and the analysis of new markets to favor the digitization of a sector as traditional as real estate. All this with a firm purpose: to simplify the entire process of buying and selling a property, in an easy and uncomplicated way for the client, from the initial phase of valuation, property search, to obtaining financing and delivery of keys in hand.

Huspy has carried out an in-depth analysis of the Spanish market, in which it has found indicators of its great potential to continue expanding its operations. In Madrid alone, more than 80,000 sales were made in 2021, a fact that for the company represents an opportunity to provide a disruptive response to the needs and motivations of all the operators involved, including real estate and mortgage agents, and help them to overcome the process in the simplest and most profitable way possible.

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Nuno Santos, appointed CEO of Huspy for Spain

Nuno Santos He will lead the company in Spain as General Manager of Huspy in Spain, with a team that already has 39 people in its newly opened headquarters in Madrid. In addition, from Huspy they consider that one of their main priorities and challenges, until the end of the year, is the attraction of national talent. In fact, within his forecasts, he is exponentially increasing his squad, reaching over 120 hires in December and continuing to bet on building a team with specialized talent.

Nuno will bring to the management in Spain an innovative and specialized approach in the management and direction of companies with a large technological component, with more than 12 years of experience, among which is his time at some of the most relevant companies on the national and international scene such as Cabify (Portugal), Tier Mobility (Spain and Portugal) or Groupon (Spain).

“We come with the precise objectives, we are committed to Spain as a key market within EMEA since we are aware of its great potential. Our priority now is to attract national talent willing to share this promising project with us, to break with the established and help revolutionize the real estate market. We believe that buying a house should be something to celebrate, and together we come to make it possible.”, explains Nuno Santos, general manager of Huspy Spain.

An attractive project for national talent

At a global level, Huspy has more than 200 employees, a multidisciplinary and transversal team, made up of talent of more than 30 nationalities from global companies such as Uber, Microsoft, Loft, QuintoAndar, etc., to build the future of global ‘proptech’ ecosystem.

This is the only multinational company capable of combine the potential of technology and human ability to generate home buying and selling experiences focused on personalizing processes, connecting sellers and buyers at all stages of the process. This change is carried out through its unique technology and a business model that promotes the digitization of the real estate sector, implementing the most cutting-edge technology to create effective tools capable of improving the experience of its users at an international level, responding to the real needs of consumers and users.

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