Hybrid and multicloud lead the cloud strategy in companies

The Global Tech Outlook report produced each year by Red Hat analyzes the current state of the cloud and the different cloud strategies that organizations use, their funding priorities, as well as the factors that influence the success of digital transformation. Through this information, Red Hat is able to understand the current business environment and its needs to offer good service and advice. Next, we share the main conclusions of the report and the evolution of its results.

Hybrid and multicloud strategies on the rise

Hybrid cloud remains the main strategy for Global Tech Outlook interviewees, rising three points to 30% this year. The multicloud strategy also shows growth, reaching the 13% compared to 11% last year. On the other hand, the public cloud (9%) and private (14%), as the main cloud strategy, show a decrease. These results should come as no surprise, as the realities of today’s business environment lead organizations to want to balance the speed, efficiency, and scalability of cloud-native technologies and the control and security features that cloud offers. local infrastructure.

In particular, the 18% of those interviewed are still defining their cloud strategy and a small percentage (5%) has no strategy as of yet. Given that these percentages remain unchanged from last year, Red Hat will be on the lookout for signs of acceleration next year.

IT funding priorities show consistency year-over-year, and security remains at the forefront

From a funding perspective, security, cloud management and cloud infrastructure remain top IT priorities for 2022. In fact, when specifically asked about funding priorities in areas such as cloud infrastructure, automation of IT operations or big data and analytics, security was present in all responses, being cloud security (43%), security automation (36%) and data security and integration (Four. Five%) the most important, respectively.

IT automation continues to grow year after year. The 38% of those interviewed said that by 2022 automating IT operations is their second funding priority to optimize legacy IT. This funding priority has risen 6 points compared to the previous year, when it was 32%.

Companies are doubling down on their digital transformation efforts in the wake of Covid-19

Last year, organizations from all sectors accelerated their transformation plans to deal with the impact of the pandemic. This year, this trend continues, as more companies use technologies and processes to innovate and transform their businesses (31% versus 29%) or have accelerated their digital transformation efforts (22% versus 21%), being the pandemic (52%) and increased income (fifty%) the main reasons for this growth. A smaller number of interviewees consider that their digital transformation initiatives remain paralyzed (3%), and more are now in the early stages of starting new projects (8%), which marks this change.

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