Hybrid Cloud Rainbow obtains the ENS Certificate in Spain

The hybrid cloud solution Rainbowfrom Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, has obtained the medium level of certification according to the National Security Scheme of Spain (ENS). ENS provides the Spanish public sector with a common security plan for the protection of information and the protection of services. The ENS Certification includes architecture, design, development, implementation and administration, in accordance with current laws and the current Declaration of Applicability (SOA, service-oriented architecture).

As the importance of data privacy grows, so does the demand for highly secure business communications solutions. Cybersecurity is a critical issue for companies, as working from home has become more widespread, it represents a greater potential for attacks and intrusions. Public administrations and companies of any size require the ENS certification in its tenders for communications solutions.

“This certification demonstrates that public security agencies in Spain trust our Rainbow cloud communications platform, both in hybrid and private architectures. I am very proud because it is a validation of our strong commitment to provide secure and competitive communications solutions in private and hybrid cloud environments”, Rafael Andreo, responsible for the business for Spain of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, has indicated.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow

Rainbow is an enterprise-grade cloud communication platform, fully developed in Europewith services delivered from secure data centers around the world.

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Depending on the needs of companies, Rainbow can be deployed on company premises, hybrid or from the cloud. Its open architecture and support of rich telephony features enable the connection of existing telephony systems and the integration of Rainbow into business processes and other SaaS solutions.

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