Hydration sensor for future Apple Watch

Drinking water constantly or rather staying hydrated is something very important for people and this is not something that is not known, the difficult thing is to get it to be fulfilled. One of the best ways to see if we are hydrated is to check the color of the urine when we go to the bathroom, this is undoubtedly a clear indicator of the hydration of the body but it is clear that there are other somewhat more sophisticated methods that are used in athletes and other exercise professionals to assess the amount of body water.

In this case, the new Apple patent is focused directly on the Apple Watch and shows non-evasive sensors that are placed on the skin to measure the hydration of the users. These dates would be logically registered in the device’s Health application and they would serve to have a reference of this parameter in the body.

The company describes the configuration as “reliable and elegant” in the new registered patent. What’s more, the hydration function of the Apple Watch will integrate with other fitness functions offering a range of use somewhat broader than a simple measurement. The sensor works by measuring the electrical content of the Apple Watch wearer’s sweat and being constantly attached to the skin will be a very good reference for the immediate detection of dehydration.

In this case It is one more patent and there is nothing officially confirmed that indicates its immediate implementation. It is also unknown whether or not it will end up reaching the company’s smart watches, for now what does exist is a registered patent and this already belongs to Apple.

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