I am going to set up my website, what server do I need?

It may be a personal blog, a business idea, a web page to promote your brand… You won’t be short of ideas when it comes to carrying out your project. And the server is the most important element for offer a quality website to attract a larger number of users.

Loading times are very important, for example, so you must choose very well the type of server you are interested in. Let’s look at the options available in the market to know which is the best option.

Types of servers: hosting or VPS

Here we come to another of the most important points when creating a web page: choosing the server. Here we can bet on two options, a traditional hosting or bet on a VPS server.

Both options offer good results, but the option of a VPS server is always better. Both a hosting and a VPS server are storage systems to store all the data on your page, whether they are photos, videos or other files.

But there is a big difference between a hosting and a VPS server: while in the first option we share the server with other clients, in the case of a VPS server we are dealing with an exclusive service for your website.

The hosting They are usually cheaper options by offering a lower performance. Instead, a VPS server offers significantly higher performance, improving load times and the amount of data sent.

A dedicated server for your project and that will allow you to use it on more than one web page. In addition, it offers higher levels of security and privacy, so betting on a VPS server is the best option, especially if you want to set up a website focused on business and sales.

Best of all, although VPS servers usually have a higher price than traditional hosting, you can bet on IONOS, a VPS platform that offers you its services from 1 euro per month.

It has all kinds of options so you can have a VPS server that fits the needs of your website. Also, as traffic increases, you can always improve your contracted service.

You can try the service for one month, which is the minimum stay, to test the advantages offered by IONOS VPS servers, such as its interactive invoice, unlimited traffic, assistance 24/7, SSD-SAN storage system to guarantee the best response times and much more.

So now that you know that betting on a VPS server is a better option than a hosting when making your own website, and seeing that the prices of this type of service are much more adjusted than you expected, do not hesitate to bet on this platform so that your page has the success it deserves.

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