“I am Silver”: download this ebook for free, for a limited time

In order to fight against ageism, from MuyPymes we support the initiative I am Silver, led by the consultant, Jesus Garcia Fernandez and that has the support of different associations, media and professionals related to the generation silver (professionals between 50 and 75 years).

The first phase of the initiative will allow any user in Spain and Latin America to download the book for free, “I am Silver” that includes the necessary information to start a process that will allow that person to achieve the best version of himself and redefine his life.

The book, in ebook format, can be downloaded for free on November 14, 15 and 16 from here. With it, the reader will be able to become aware of their abilities, added value and experience to generate confidence and increase their self-esteem, creating a powerful professional identity with great visibility in the digital ecosystem.

With this initiative, people over 50 years of age have the opportunity to identify their differential value, make their senior talent visible, their life and professional experience, build their personal brand on the internet and gain visibility to stay active.

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Technology, an ally for senior workers

Technology is presented, at this time, as a great ally so that those over 50 years of age can claim their space and eradicate the ageism that causes a high number of long-term unemployed in this segment of the population. Currently, in our society, having a birthday usually has a negative connotation, with most people rejecting growing old.

Going over the 50-year-old barrier means facing a reality, the physical and mental state is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. The senior generation, those over 50 years of age, is currently the largest segment of the population in the population pyramid, with an evident impact at a social, cultural, labor and economic level.

We can appreciate that those over 50 break stereotypes and she is very activea generation that takes care of itself and contributes a lot to society in the economic, social and labor spheres.

Although being over 50 years old can be a problem to stay active in a company or find a job. The labor market in general is interested in a younger employee profilewith higher education, high job prospects and low salary expectations.

What has caused in this generation that many professionals find themselves unemployed and with little expectation of finding a job.

The challenge for this segment of the population is to acquire new knowledge related to the digitization of processes and gain visibility in the digital field. Currently there are different possibilities that allow recycling and training in specific topics related to Digital Transformation, which will allow this senior to be trained to be competitive in the labor market. Once that first step has been taken, the challenge is to achieve maximum visibility, for which the best option is to structure your presence in the digital sphere. Having a presence on the internet, you can get very good results with an adjusted cost and reduced effort. Find out how!

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