I bought a cheap Windows key and got scammed: prevent it from happening to you

To use windows no hassles or limitations need to purchase a license. Generally, if we have bought a new computer, which already came with the system installed, it would already have its own activated license, so we will not have to worry about it. However, if we have bought a computer without an operating system, or we are going to install Windows on our own, we will need a license for the system. The problem comes when we see the price of this.

Windows prices aren’t exactly cheap. A Windows 11 key for the Home edition of the system costs around $150, while a key for the Pro edition costs more than $250. That is why most users usually look for cheap Windows keys that allow us to activate the system for much less money. However, if we are not careful, we can get into trouble.

Scams when buying cheap Windows

On the Internet, anyone can sell any type of product. Whether through eBay, Wallapop, and even forums, we can find, among many other things, windows keys for very little money. It is even possible that some will sell us the keys for 5 euros, and even less. A most striking hook but that, almost certainly, is going to be expensive.

The problem with these people is that sell the same license to many people. Being an original key, at first there are no problems. But everything ends up drawing the attention of Microsoft, who detects an unusual use of these licenses and, finally, blocks them. Therefore, after having paid, days, weeks or months later, suddenly, the license is no longer valid.

Windows 10 activation key

When this happens, the key is deleted from the computer, and the restrictions of having Windows without a key are automatically activated. As much as we try to reactivate the key, it will give us an error.

Depending on where we have purchased the license, we can claim or not. If it has been a transaction between individuals, we can now forget about it. However, if it has been to a store, and especially if we have paid with PayPal, then we can try to claim. In this way they can give us a new license or, in the worst case, give us our money back.

Are Chinese license shops reliable?

Surely we have ever come across stores that sell us very cheap Windows keys, around 20 euros. The first thing to keep in mind is that these keys are authentic, valid and legal. These are OEM-type licenses (the ones manufacturers use to install them on new computers) that have been salvaged from scrap equipment, and deactivated over the phone directly with Microsoft.

This is prohibited by Microsoft in its terms of use, but is required by European Union Law to allow deactivation and resale of licenses, so there is nothing Microsoft can do in these cases.

Therefore, buying a Windows key in these stores is completely legal, and it will not give us any problems. What’s more, as proof of good faith, they generally even let us pay with PayPal, which always provides added security.

How to avoid being deceived?

The most important thing when we are going to buy a Windows key is to do it in a trustworthy store. Even if we buy them in stores like Amazon, make sure that the seller is trustworthy if we don’t want to have problems. In addition, we must always try to pay with secure payment methods, such as PayPal, which help us to claim in case of having a problem with the license in question.

In this way, we must always avoid buying digital products from other individuals, both from platforms such as Wallapop, eBay, and much less in forums.

And, very important, keep in mind that OEM licenses can only be activated on a PC. If tomorrow we buy a new computer we will have to buy a new license. Unless, of course, we buy one. retail license.

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