I bought the iPad 10, do I regret it?

The first thing you have to know is that it is an iPad model has arrived to replace the 9th generation iPad, that is, it is an evolution of the most basic and economical model that Apple sells. For a long time this model has also been known as the “student iPad” since in the famous quality/price ratio, it was one of the best devices sold by the Cupertino company.

Well, after using it for a while I can say that, of course, this 10th generation iPad it’s the best iPad a student can get today, since both its price, which is true that it has increased, and its features, make it a really balanced device that this type of user can get much more out of than before.

iPad 10 strengths

The first thing to note, although it is really the least important, is the change of design, since finally, the most basic iPad also has an all-screen front, just like the rest of the models. However, the most important thing is in the replacing the Lightning port with USB-C. That is where Apple makes a difference, making this device much more usable by different users, since with a USB-C port, the possibilities when connecting different gadgets are infinitely greater.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

And if we talk about gadgets, another movement that must be applauded by Apple is the launch of the Magic Keyboard Folio. It is true that it would have been much better to make this iPad compatible with the Magic Keyboard, however, the fact that these users can use a keyboard with a trackpad makes the experience of using an iPad “like a computer” much more satisfying. and comfortable than before.

Weak points of the iPad 10

We do not stop talking about accessories for this iPad, and although it is true that I consider the Magic Keyboard Folio a success, it must also be said that the fact that the Apple Pencil that the buyers of this equipment have to use, be it the 1st generation, is a great opportunity lost by the Cupertino company, for several reasons.

First of all, in order to charge the Apple Pencil, users will have to use an adapter and a cable, something really uncomfortable, especially considering that this equipment is for regular use on the move. In addition, it cannot be attached magnetically to any part of the iPad, so when it comes to transporting it, it is much more inconvenient.

iPad 10 and monitor

Finally, within the negative points, we must mention the price. I personally believe that due to the increase in features of this iPad, the price increase may be justified. However, it is again a missed opportunity for Apple, not having maintained the price of the 9th generation iPad in this device, or failing that, having increased it slightly, since in that case, those from Cupertino would have sold this iPad as Churros.

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