I don’t back up – why are users risking their data?

The data that we store on our different devices have become key elements in the daily lives of many. Let’s talk about our desktop computer or the mobile device, the files that we store in the units are in many cases extremely sensitive and important.

That does not mean that 100% of everything we store on the disk drives of our computers is essential. But thanks to the internet era in which we find ourselves, every time we handle a greater amount of personal and sensitive information. Hence precisely all the precautions we take regarding security and privacy on our computers.

We have already spoken to you on many occasions about the need or almost obligatory nature of having an antivirus. This acts as a filter and protection method so that unwanted elements cannot access this data. But with everything and with it we have the possibility of using other integrated functions that allow us to protect ourselves in this regard. A clear example of all this is found in the popular backup copies that we have heard so many times.

Surely you already know that these allow us to store everything that we consider important, safely, in another disk location. So we can recover this copy in the event that some kind of disaster happens on our PC or operating system. However, time has shown that backups are not a favorite of most users. In fact, a good percentage of them prefer to do without these backups for various reasons.

Users prefer not to backup

Despite all the advantages that this type of movement can bring us, most prefer to do without backups. All this despite the innumerable software solutions available, where we can include the backup function that Windows integrates. Perhaps one of the main reasons we do without these backup, it is for the amount of time that they take. This is something that is especially evident the first time we make this copy.

In addition, the process as such if it is carried out while we work with the computer, negatively accepts the operation of this. This is because here you work in most cases with a good amount of files and folders, which can block the use of the units or certain programs. Apart from this that we comment on, we must also add the fact that these backup copies sometimes occupy large amounts of space.

For example, if we make a full backup of the main PC unit, the space required for all this can be many gigs. In addition, we cannot forget that these copies must be made on external drives, and not everyone is willing to sacrifice a USB hard drive for a backup, for example. Finally, we will tell you that the catastrophes that prevent us from accessing our data are not as common as we might think. Therefore, the importance we give to the backup we are talking about is not much. Not at least until we are in dire need of using it, which is when users really miss it.

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