I exchange my iPhone X for the iPhone 14 Pro, disappointed?

I recently acquired the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple’s new device for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023. However, it did not come from a previous generation, but from several previous generations, specifically, from the iPhone X and today I come to give you my opinion on whether it has been a revolution or continuity between generations.

The reasons why I have changed my phone is that it is likely to be the last year that I receive update support. In addition, the notorious design change together with some hardware features have caused it to be time to renew the device.

iPhone X

For general use, is there that much of a difference?

The user experience in relation to the interface and the way we communicate has been noticed from one generation to another, because there is much greater fluidity when opening applications, downloading them from the App Store. In general, there is greater fluidity when navigating through all the iPhone software. Nevertheless, Is there that much difference in five years? The answer is that I expected much more fluency at all levels.

More than the demerit of the iPhone 14 Pro, it is the merit of the iPhone X, since it was an incredible device and has aged very well. Therefore, the iPhone 14 Pro will surely suffer the passage of time to a lesser extent than the iPhone X, making it a phone that can last four or five years perfectly. I confirm this last statement because one of the reasons we buy a device from the bitten apple is the possibility that the equipment will work exceptionally well for many years. The iPhone X is proof of this.

iPhone 14 Pro

If you squeeze the benefits of both devices

In the previous section we have discussed that for a generic use I have not noticed many differences but, What if we squeeze the strengths of both devices? In this case, the leap forward that the iPhone has had is observed, not only in its cameras and videos, but at all levels. Let’s analyze it below.

The jump with respect to the duration of the drums it’s been brutal. It is true that the iPhone X had consumed many charging cycles, but when I bought it in 2017 it was difficult to complete the day with its battery. On the other hand, with the iPhone 14 Pro making more intense use, you get a duration of it of average day perfectly. With respect to camera, the jump has also been so high even without modifying any camera parameters. So, if you are a user who does not want to complicate yourself a lot when taking photos, the sensor together with the A16 Bionic processor is more than enough to obtain surprising results. I have to make the same clarification with the video camerawhere the jump has been incredible.

To consume multimedia content or play Apple Arcade I have noticed a greater fluidity and less heating of the device, therefore, the continuous improvements in each generation have achieved a better thermal efficiency and superb power when it comes to processing graphic performance or high-quality movies. Below is a photo of the iPhone 14 Pro photo quality.

Photo iPhone 14 Pro

Did I expect more from the iPhone 14 Pro?

Not really. From the first moment I have noticed several steps forward in this new terminal than with the previous generation. However, if you have a generic useie, consuming YouTube content and generic applications such as Instagram or WhatsApps, the jump will not be as great. In fact, you will notice more change in the design than in the user experience. However, if you decide to squeeze specific issues out of the phone such as processor performance, ProRaw photos or if you like, record videos about certain events or trips. In that case, the phone will respond without any problem to the performance requests that the user requests and you will enjoy acquiring an expensive phone, very expensive, but if you take advantage of its benefits, it is well worth it.

iPhone 14pro

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