I have Office installed on my PC, can I open a PDF?

If we find ourselves in the situation where we have to choose an office suite to install on our computer, we have many options. If the price plays an important role, the most well-known payment suite is Microsoft office, while the most used free one is LibreOffice. In both cases, compatibility with documents is basic, as is the case with files in PDF format, for example.

In these lines we want to focus on the payment proposal in this software sector that could be considered as the benchmark, we are talking about Office. Despite being a proposal for which we have to pay, either by subscription or by buying the license, it is still the most used globally. Other developers try to compete directly with this suite in different ways. Perhaps the biggest efforts are being made from the open source project mentioned above, Libre Office.

Surely many of you on many occasions have heard about seeing programs of the popularity of Word or Excel. These are part of Office, along with other solutions, and offer us everything we need to carry out work related to office automation. Hence precisely the widespread use of file formats such as DOCX either XLSX, among others. For example, these are the native types used by the aforementioned applications and that we can also use in many other similar proposals.

Once we have chosen this Microsoft payment option, we may have some doubts when working with certain contents. It is true that the usefulness of the applications integrated here tries to cover a good number of office sectors.

How can I work with a PDF if I have Office

But now we want to focus on a specific type of file that is used in many environments such as PDF. Well, when we come to we will say that the compatibility with this type of files in particular is very high in the different programs of the Microsoft suite. It is true that the functions available to work with these office files are not comparable, for example, with the adobe acrobat editorbut we will not have any problem when it comes to open a PDF in Office.

word save pdf

As an example we will tell you that these files can be viewed without any problem in the text editor, Word. In addition, we will have some basic functions to edit and modify the content of the file and save it again. And that’s not all, because in applications like the one mentioned text editorthe program of spreadsheets or multimedia presentations, we have the possibility of save our projects in PDF. In this way we will obtain documents with the usual aspect of Office programs, but hardly editable.

To give you an idea, in software like Excel this can be very helpful. All those who normally generate invoices or budgets from here, will be able to save them directly to PDF for later shipment. In short, many of the Office programs allow us to open and view these files without any problem. They also allow us to create new PDFs, although the editing options are quite limited.

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